1. Do not EVER put money on the staking website!!!! It's a bunch of Canadian scammers and the people on there are old men that like to play games with investors and don't back or send the money that they guarantee in the stakes!! They WILL SCAM YOU BEWARE!!!!!! I've was trying to sell action last night and had 3 different people tell me they were sending money for a package, waited 6 hours to be told it was ALL a joke!!
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  2. Not sure how the site scammed you. Our platform is to connect investors with players and provide a way for stakes to be posted. I think our reputation for how we deal with our members is well established after 10 years.

    As far as being Canadian, I certainly am, but the rest of the admin are from Aussieland, just so you know and can have the correct info for your mudslinging

    as for selling action last night, did you create an event and have people take shares and not send? Did you report this, if this was the case? I didnt receive any pm from you saying people took shares and didnt pay. I can't see any event created and cancelled, unless i am missing something

    Good luck in the future
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  3. Someone sounds salty that nobody wanted to buy any of his action lol
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  4. I've been scammed multiple times on your site. You people could care less about your players or investors!! Terrible experience and will recommend people elsewhere!
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  5. These Idiots even locked my account with money in it, unable to to send my funds to my ACR account now! haha
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  6. I have been on the site for 2 years now and never ever had a problem. The people are friendly and helped me out alot and Im not canadian Im from the US. I believe there is more to this story that you arent telling here.
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