1. Hi guys! Looking to sell a small pack for tonight. I was banned on a Cpl forums in the past for excessive trolling, don't know when ill grow up. But I have always been trustworthy and very responsible in regards to running stakes, and baps. Can say I have ran hundreds with not one problem. Biggest score around 1.3k. Stats don't do me justice at this moment but feel as though my game is above current stats displayed on sharkscope, and are bound to improve with volume. I would like to get serious about grinding part time along with school, but I need some support from the community.

    Selling 100%
    Big 3.30 19:00ET
    2.20 1.5k 19:25ET
    Hot 4.40 20:15ET
    4.40BB 21:30 ET
    Big 4.40 22:00ET

    total; $18.70
    Cut 90/10 or 80/20ft
    Percentages; 20%= $3.64

    Rail will be updated with final position, winnings, and bust hands. Also any problematic hands, maybe can get some advice n learn also that's what its all about.

    Thanks for taking a look. I ain't a bad guy just wanna play poker, make friends and have a good time.
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  2. Sounds like a good guy to me
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  3. can I take 100% for 1$?
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  4. that's more of a comment than a actual question, and if that's the best joke u have your sad. Still open for any serious folks out there looking to invest there money in a grinder who would like to prove himself to the poker community.
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  5. After reading all your post I doubt if you are a serious grinder lol
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  6. Don't doubt a future sunday milly winner.
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  7. Closed, ill stop posting baps. Time to prepare myself to fight for my life
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