Hi, my name is Joe Luht. I played professionally from 2009-2011. In 2009 I won the Sunday million for $174,000 after chopping (not on sharkscope for some reason). Also, that year was the only year I have played the main event, finishing in 123rd. Played MTT's in 2010 profiting about $50,000. In 2011, I played all sng’s trying to get Supernova Elite.

After Black Friday I played on Merge for about 6 months with $14,000 profit. Then I didn’t play a hand of poker for the following 4 years until I signed up with BOL.

Since getting back into I have profited roughly $60,000 on BOL playing mtt’s (sharkscope just started tracking that site in March). I am the #1 ranked player on there for total profit.

Haven’t done great on ACR. Currently on a $5,000 downswing. Still showing $3,500 profit since starting on there just over a year ago.

As far as live play goes in the last year I’ve won some small tourneys at the Horseshoe in Baltimore that aren’t tracked for about $5,000 profit. Played one event at the Maryland live WPT last year and cashed for $1,056. Most recently played 4-5 events at the WSOP circuit Baltimore, but did not cash.

Looking to sell up to 60%, would still play if I can sell 40%. I would play day 1c. I could accept PayPal, bank wire, WPN, or cash in Vegas.

Markup = 1.20 for 1-4% / 1.15% for 5%+

1% - $120
5% - $575
10% - $1,150