Greetings P5's!

My name is Marcus Steinhauer. I have 27% of my first package of the Summer left available. 60% was originally available & now after previous investors had their way with it, this is what's left!

Here are the tournaments included:
-6/2: WSOP “Colossus” $565.
-6/4: Planet Hollywood $600 “Goliath Milli”
-6/5: $1,100 MSPT $2.5 million GTD

*This has no minimum % sold. This package will fire regardless of action sold.

I wanted to give a lot of value to the package with my tournament choices. With the structure of the Goliath Milli, as well as the MSPT Main, I feel I did just that.
That is why I put the MSPT in the package over the Milli Maker. The Colossus structure is kind of a crap-shoot, but I cashed it last year so that is a plus to the package as well I hope!

*Multiple entry days should make overlapping of tournaments very difficult, however if it does happen, I will return the investment to the investor with markup if we cannot all come to a consensus on a new way to use the money.
**I am offering a break on markup for 5% pieces & higher. The breakdowns are as follows:

1%: 1.10:1.00- $25
5%: 1.04:1.00- $118
10%: 1.04:1.00- $336
25%: 1.04:1.00- $590

PayPal & ACR are the easiest options, but we can try to work something out I am sure if those don't work. I can also take cash in hand but it must be completed 24 hours before the first tournament buy-in (June 1st Deadline). I want to keep the cash in hand option to a minimum, but if it is necessary & you are a reputable player planning to be at the series, fine. Alternative methods can (probably) be arranged, these are just the best IMO!

Here is my Hendon Mob:

**Which you will notice we cashed the Colossus last year! (and that is the lowest valued tourney in the package!)

You can also check most of my online scores here on pocketfives!

I also play a great deal at the local casino, as well as playing medium volume, medium stakes on ACR. I can show you my graphs on ACR (and even my Poker Income app graph) if need-be (I just try to keep both of those a bit more private).
I have been playing poker for 15 years (profitably for the last five thanks to hard work on my game). I was in 7th grade when Moneymaker shipped it all. Everyone in my class gained miniature gambling problems that really blossomed in high school. We were rolling dice for $1-$5 at a time & dealing hands out for the same amount if not more! I honestly should have became a 12 year old bookie.

Instead, I found a way to run up a small roll on PartyPoker (ohhhh PartyPoker…). It did not last long. Just enough to get the fever. I didn’t have any real success until I deposited on Full Tilt when I was about 17ish. Ran $30 into about $1.3-$1.4k in a weekend. That lasted a little longer.

The bulk of my play pre-Black Friday was $6-$13 6-max turbos on PokerStars. I have focused on primarily MTT’s online since BF, & have had profitable results every year since that horrendous time in all of our lives.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of world-class poker players. I have learned a lot from them over the years. I owe most of my success to the eye-opening experiences I have shared with some of these individuals. Shockingly, being from Sioux City, IA somehow had an upside. It was a poker hotbed. Half a dozen Supernovas came out of Sioux City, & one SNE (that I know of). I wont name drop, but it is a good chance if you follow poker you have heard of one or two players from my hometown.

I will be updating on here, the RG Facebook, & I will probably dust off the Twitter.

If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Thank you for your time,