About me:

My name is Nick Zautra. I am a 31-year-old Cognitive Science doctoral student who plays primarily online MTT’s. Since August 2016, I’ve cashed for over $85k in online MTT’s on the U.S.-facing sites Ignition and ACR, with five, $5k+ cashes in 250-600 person fields. In May 2017, I relocated to Querétaro, MX to play a full low/medium SCOOP schedule. While I didn’t come out on top during this SCOOP series, I built big stacks, made several deep runs in 1000-2000+ person fields, and became accustomed to playing with and adjusting to tough (and not so tough) opponents.

While my play is currently limited to online due to my work schedule and present location, I actually got my start back in 2013 in my hometown of Tempe, AZ, where I found early success playing daily live tournaments and cash at Casino Arizona. I’ve played a few live events such as on the WSOP circuit, the Seminal Hard Rock Poker Open, PH Goliath, and Venetian Deep Stacks, but unfortunately only cashed in one event (I ran pretty terrible, and also admittedly had some leaks.)

Since putting in a large volume of low, mid, and some high stakes MTT’s online over the past year, working 60+ hours with my tournament poker coach Matt Hunt as well as with Tournament Poker Edge and RunItOnce, and having built up a bankroll from $200 to $38k in just four months playing MTT’s on Ignition, I am confident in my edge in the tournaments in which I plan to play.

Source: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...E0?usp=sharing

Notable online results (since August 2016):

2nd for $12,096 in Ignition $325 GSPO4 Event #26 – $70k Gtd
3rd for $6,545 in Ignition $270 BDPO6 Event #104 – $50k Gtd
1st for $6,289 in Ignition $109 Mad Monday – $25k Gtd
1st for $5,289 in Ignition $55 – $25k Gtd
1st for $5,433 in Ignition $55 – $25k Gtd
5th for $3,438 in Ignition $270 – $50k Gtd
1st for $2,461 in Ignition $109 – $10k Gtd

5th for $3,080 in WPN $215 – $50k Gtd
1st for $2,800 in WPN $109 Extreme Tuesday – $10k Gtd
2nd for $2,285 in WPN $55 BIG10 – $15k Gtd
64th for $1,857 in WPN $550 OSS #73 – Million Dollar Sunday

28th for $2,949 in PartyPoker $215 Powerfest #300 [Final Phase]: $200K Gtd
63rd for $1980 in PartyPoker $215 Powerfest #013 – $1M Gtd

3rd for $1,388 in 888 $33 XL Inferno #141 – $10k Gtd
47th for $943 in 888 $150 XL Inferno #190 – $250k Gtd Mini Main Event

3rd for $974 in PokerStars $22 6-Max Turbo Progressive KO – $18k Gtd
10th for $812 in PokerStars $109 Battle Royale [Late Edition, Progressive KO] $65K Gtd

User names:

WPN: nzautra
PokerStars: DuckAndGoose
888: DuckAndGoose
PartyPoker: DuckAndGoose88

Hendon: http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=507104


I'm selling up to 60% of the following with an average markup of ~1.11:
Golden Nugget: Main Event $570 x 2 (@1.15 markup)
6/30 (Flight B), 7/1 (Flight C) – 11AM

WSOP: The GIANT $365 X 2 (@1.15 markup)
6/30 (Flight D), 7/7 (Flight E) – 7PM

Aria: WPT500 $565 x 2 (@1.15 markup)
7/1 (Flight F), 7/2 (Flight G) – 11AM

WSOP: $888 Crazy 8’s (@1.10 markup)
7/2 (Flight D) – 4PM

WSOP: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (@1.10 markup)
7/3 – 11AM

Planet Hollywood: $250 Phamous Low Roller x 2 (@1.17 markup)
7/4 (Flight D, Flight E)– 11AM/5PM

Wynn: $1,600 Main Event (@1.05 markup)
7/6 (Flight C) – 11AM

WSOP: $1,111 The Little One for One Drop (@1.05 markup)
7/11 (Flight A) – 3PM

Package Total: $8,950 (rounded down) (~1.11 average markup)
1% = $89.50
5% = $447.50
10% = $895

Payment Options:

I prefer PayPal, WF SurePay, Venmo, and BTC. I can also accept ACR, PokerStars, 888, and PartyPoker. Package payouts will be made during the week of July 16th, 2017 and made no later than July 21st, 2017.

Any events not played will be refunded in full. Given the majority of the events will play back-to-back, expect to see some percentage returned for unused entries. Large cashes will require paperwork, or me withholding for taxes.

I will post receipts and numerous updates on a separate Twitter account exclusively for poker-related updates, @NickZautraPoker.

Matthew Hunt (Tournament Poker Edge Pro)
Michael Zulker (Las Vegas Pro)