1. Hi everyone.

    Imnot new to poker as I have been playing for about three years now.Mostly play live tournaments in my country but come backonline when its time to grind.
    I am selling 50% ofmy action with no mark up whatsoever.The events are as follows.

    xl 191 - 30$ buy in (50k guaranteed)
    xl 153 - 44$ buy in (30k guaranteed)
    powerfest 299 - 11$ buy in (50,000 guaranted)
    powerfest 292 - 55$ buy in (100,000 guaranteed)

    5% - 7$
    10% - 14$
    25% - 35$
    50% - 70%

    Payouts will be on a 40/60 basis.(40% of profits to me and 60% to investors)

    If you would be interested in investing please let me know through in this thread.Ant information about me can be shared too upon request as I have full transparency.


    Riley lott
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  2. sharkscope? what method of payment/cashout can you do
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  3. https://www.sharkscope.com/#Player-S...michellembatha

    I can do p2p transfrers on party poker,88 poker,titan poker,netteler or skrill.

    already have 5% reserved.
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