Ryan "ISlowRollYou" Hohner WSOP 10k Main Event
  1. Intro

    My name is Ryan Hohner, I play online and live mtts as my full-time profession in South Plainfield, New Jersey. This year I have consistently been ranked top 20 in p5's NJ mtt leadeboard and have dedicated myself to studying & playing tournaments, which has attributed to a great deal of success. I firmly believe that I am thinking & playing at a high level right now and would appreciate the opportunity to play in the best tournament in the world.

    Main Event

    Currently have 18% available for the WSOP Main Event
    Markup = 1.2
    2% = 240, 5%=600

    I will post tournament updates routinely on Twitter as well as provide all investors with picture of tournament receipt.


    In the event that I do not register for the tournament all investors will receive a full refund via their desired payment method.

    BOA, paypal, venmo, cash all payments must be received by 7/7/2017, no exceptions.
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  2. 12% left
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  3. Sold out. Ty to all investors and p5s members.
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  4. Please confirm you received my payment and that 3% is booked for me, thanks.
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