1. For lack of information on this specific forum I am going to tell a little about myself inside and outside of the poker world.


    Hey! My name is Allen Farris, I am 22 (Turning 23 in December) I currently reside in New Hampshire and have been attending school just north of Tampa Florida for the last 2.5 years, I am the sales director at Matrix Arms a firearm manufacturing company that is owned by my father. I have attended the WSOP the last two years and although I have only entered 6 WSOP bracelet events I have compiled 3 WSOP cashes. I understand tournament play extremely well and although I have only played for coming up to 3 years I have taken each and every day of this last 3 years seriously, I have played against the likes of Antonio Esfandiari, Greg Raymer, and Liv Boere, I have yet to play with someone I felt like was a better player. I typically only travel to well known tournaments to play as I am not close enough to a major casino for live cash grinding (I keep my play sharp online through Ignition (Formerly Bovada) and BetOnline. And Foxwoods in CT which is about 2.5 hours away. I am a boxer as-well as a car fanatic (INSTAGRAM: FARRISEVOLUTION)

    I am traveling to the PCA Championship January 6th and staying for the series. I will be entering the $5000 Main Event as-well as the $2000 PCA National championship, Depending on the longevity of my time in these tournaments I will be entering various other tournaments ranging from $300-$2000. I will sell no more than 50% of any tournament. My reasoning for selling stake in my tournaments is over the last few years I have had several min cashes where I played for days and ended up taking one bad beat along the way and understand things can happen in tournament play and I would like more chances at a few deep runs. Understand I am very confident in my play at any point in the tournament regardless at my Hendon Mob stats I have played deep in tournaments.

    To stay sharp I will be playing various tournaments @ Foxwoods Casino in CT. I will be playing a $500k gaurentee and a $1650 Buy-In Main Event, I will sell up to 50% of the main and only a small portion of the other events.


    MARKUP will be @ 1.1 We can discuss markup possibility's of buying multiple action. I am not looking to markup my play heavily only enough to cover some small expenses ($4000 expenses alone for the PCA)

    I will supply my cell phone number/Facebook/IG/Snapchat so that you can follow along hand by hand, I will be very personal about keeping my stakers updated as I want your money to be taken as seriously as my own. I also have no issues with supplying proof of my flight tickets proof of ID (License Ext) or signing a contract as I understand I have just joined this forum and have no issue supplying anything needed by my backers.

    Tournaments Gaurenteed to be selling action for (Up to 50% of each tournament over $1500 Buy-in)


    PokerStars National Championship: January 7-9, 2017 - $2,000
    PokerStars Championship Main Event: January 8-14, 2017 - $5,000
    PokerStars Open: January 10-12, 2017 - $200
    PokerStars Cup: January 12-14, 2017 - $400


    Friday, December 2 • @11am • Event #1A • $600 NLH $500,000 Guaranteed Multi Day / With Re-Entries (HAS 4 STARTING FLIGHTS)
    Saturday December 10 • @11am & 5pm • Event #9 • $1,650NLH MULTI FLIGHT $250,000 Guaranteed / With Re-Entries
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  2. 10% Reserved of PCA main

    Please message if at all interest in working something out at least for the PCA main.
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  3. How many 5K have you played? Do you realize that the 5K at the PCA is not soft?
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  4. I understand that and that does nothing but increase my motivation to play it. I play best when I play with the best. I do not enjoy playing with soft fields as they are much more difficult to predict.
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  5. UPDATE FOR THE $500K Gaurentee at Foxwoods Enterred Flight 1A and Moving on to play Day 2 Tuesday. 12% Moved forward to Day two so 19 from my flight, I am currently sitting 5th in chips. Many of you missed the opportunity to buy action for this so PLEASE DONT MISS THE PCA!

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  6. Congrats on your cash (I went out in 61st in the same tourney). You do know that the Atlantis is primo expensive!! I hope you have a HUGE bankroll! This certainly wouldn't be the first big tournament I'd choose. (I played this in 2006) Good luck, you will need it!

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  7. Not the first big tournament, As I said I chose it for a reason, The price doesn't deter me I have never been to Bahamas and don't mind paying for the visit, hotel and flights are already taken care of.
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  8. Update:

    I ended up only getting two backers for about $100 each,

    However I played on my own bankroll

    I entered about 5 events, including the Main event, and compiled 3 cashes!

    The main event I busted on Day 2 close to the money (for those of you that told me this was a tough field you were dead wrong... This was one of the biggest donkfest tourneys I have played, I had two guys at my table who clearly didn't know how to play one of them it was his first ever live tourney, there were well over 70 spin and go satellite winners in the main event. However I did not not run well at all and busted to the kid who took 2nd.

    I ended up entering a $900 Turbo with 111 players, with 6 left payouts ranging from $5660-$22,000 I got it in all in on the turn with over average chips stack with AJ against my opponents A4 and of course he rivered a devistating 4, the very next hand the short stack busted as well costing me a minimum of a $5k pay jump, but a cash of $5600 was decent.

    I then decided to enter the $220 Pokerstars cup to get my mind off of the bad beat, I made day 2 and cashed in about 50th or so for $600+.

    I had decided to play one last tournament, a $1075 Turbo with $100 knockouts the field only got about 35 players, there were a few well known pros in the field but overall I was very confident, I was able to take it down and got first place! And my first PSC/PCA Spade for over $10K including bounties!

    After being able to play the main event and get some entertainment at my table from Kevin Hart (who I took the majority of his chips and compile a very profitable week with $17K+ in cashes and a vacation I was very satisfied with my first PSC! And my backers were happy as well! Thanks !!
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