1. Hi guy's. I am randomly selling a $25 micro partypoker mtt package.

    Games up to $5.50 with at least 6mtts to be played.

    Selling 100% @ 90/10 or 80/20 FT cut. 50/50 above $500 final bankroll.

    This will run once sold, and than begin when i feel like playing, if i dont feel like playing right away dont sh it ur drawers lol.

    My party poker name is cardmaster31...... Think i was stoned on LSD or summat when i created that nick name.

    Thanks for looking.
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  2. How can you offer a 90/10 split ( or 80/20 split, wonder which option people would want ) and then say 50/50 if you end up with over $500? Were you tripping when you posted this too?
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  3. 90/10

    80/20.....Any final table

    50/50...... Above a 500$ Ending bankroll.... Hope I have clarified you're inability to comprehend what I failed to properly explain................ Closed for holidays ............. Goodluck computer people lol
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