WSOP 2017 Package Allen Farris Fresh off of PCA Title
  1. The time has come.. AGAIN! Flights are booked! Sweat the WSOP 2017 LIVE with me and have your own shot at big money!!
    I am looking to sell action for my WSOP 2017 trip! I have always done well at the WSOP and this year am going with big intentions and my biggest bankroll yet! With recent success at the PCA Bahamas 2017 I am ready to take down a big one at the WSOP. I have cashed 3 WSOP bracelet events over the last two years and have only entered 7 tournaments (one of which I busted 20 minutes before the money) please keep in mind the previous two years I played WSOP I only entered a couple tournaments.
    -----PACKAGE DETAILS-----
    I am looking to sell action at a 1.2mu for the 12 tournaments/re-entrys I have listed
    Events 5 flights C,D,E,F $565 Colossus
    Event 10 $1000 Tag team
    Event 12 $1500 No limit Holdem
    Event 16 $1500 NLH 6-Handed
    Event 18 Flights A,B $565 Pot Limit Omaha
    Event 20 Millionaire Maker $1500 NLH flights A,B
    Event 24 No Limit Holdem $1500
    Total Buy-Ins= $14,268
    1% $142
    5%. $713
    10% $1426
    Tournaments will conflict with each other due to deep runs! For any tournament not entered for any reason the stake money will be returned!!
    Please note there are a couple other options of a $333 Online and multiple Dailey deepstack WSOP Rio events if interested! These will be seperate
    I am also beginning to sell action for the $10,000 WSOP Main event! This is separate from my first trip schedule please PM for details on Main event entry!
    1% $120
    5% $600
    10% $1200
    Please comment and or PM me for details I will tag references for those interested!! Charlie Carrel Shane Hall Jeff Avery MD Matsch Eduardo Castillo Joe Padilla Christopher Lee Womack Mark LaPiana Ash Ellis Sherry Marie Thomas Savage Amir Changezi James Battaglia Terry King Edwin Gonzalez Simkha Blank Cameron St John Adam Brown along with many many others!! Thanks for the support and positivity regardless of stake or not!!
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  2. 3% Remaining for package 1 17% remaining for main event
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