hello everyone
  1. I got back into the routine of playing and stopped by PTP to see how the community was doing and well......everyone is here now.

    I'll keep this short, but I wanted to thank everyone who helped me along the way relative to poker and PTP. it was a great community and its too bad things had to come to an end. As I was reading all the goodbye posts, it did indeed get me a little emotional. I remember my early days and the great people on the site. Without NB/PTP I would have never made strides in my game that I did. Not saying I was exceptional or anything, but I did improve my game and I owe it to PTP for giving me the platform.

    Thank you again to everyone that backed me and anyone I have had the pleasure of dealing with.
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  2. Toooooooob

    Stick around here mate, we could do with more posters.

    Hope all is well in life sir.
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  3. Ban.
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    :rofl: well played sir.
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  6. haha. don't wake the sleeping giant. . . .
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  7. hi
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  8. Toobsteak!!
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  9. Lmfao komodo! (edit, n/m, wp czar!)

    Hey toooooooob!!!! Keep posting here
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