im flying to vegas tonight!
  1. thought today would never come! its been 4 years. tried several times to get back but something always came up. i will possibly be meeting up with coachrobc this week if we can work it out with our schedules. its a mix of a family/poker vacation. both my parents are going and my sister is meeting us out there with my nephew. should be a fun week. i plan on playing upto 8 tourneys while im there. hopefully i bring money home for my backers
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  2. nice! GL
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  3. gl and have a great trip
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  4. Thx. Currently flying over texas. In Houston area
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  5. GLGLGL!
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  6. GL Vipes!! How'd it go/going?
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  7. Awesome and have a good time

    Good Luck!
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  8. Lucky git, I hope to get to go soon, hopefully wsop this year or next. Gl viper
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    Originally Posted by gruaiggorm View Post

    Lucky git, I hope to get to go soon, hopefully wsop this year or next. Gl viper

    Ill be at the colossus at the end of May. Meet me there!
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  10. It was an amazing week! Weather was great. Had an amazing time. I'm not coming home broke. I busted every tournament I played for the package on 2+2 until last night when I finished 17th in a $125 that had 188 entries so I made my backers a little back. also won $300 own diming roulette with my father today at binions. So overall it was about break even considering the $400 I took of myself on poker action. We fly home tonite
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  11. Got a nice compliment last night. In the orleans Fri nite tournament I had a huge stack early. I think I was at 60k at first break(started with 12.5k). Then up to 90k just before 2nd break when my JJ got beat by a fd that knocked me back to 13k. Went on break stayed patient and built a big stack again. A person at my table later told me he was impressed with how I held my composure and was able to come back. I recommend this tournament to anyone in vegas on a Fri night
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  12. And not sure what tbc has against me lol but he took advantage of the chance to take a shot at me on Twitter. I posted thanking my backers
    TBC replied saying that he was thankful that unlike me he doesn't need backing. I let it go without a reply. I know his problems
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