just popping in to say hi
  1. figured those that arent in and around the facebook group may be wondering about the legend known as viper. i do miss PTP, but i must admit i am much happier now than i was then. im still at the same job, ive now been there a year and a half. i play live pretty reguarly. i now also have health insurance for the 1st time in 15 years. i have a savings and i have 2 trips planned in the next 11 months. going back to RI in june for my nieces graduation and then again for thanksgiving. will be my 1st thanksgiving back in RI since i left in 07. hope everyone else is doing well. happy new year and good health to you all
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  2. Dunno how I've ended up here but figured I'd say hey anyway. It's good to hear you're getting on well. Keep it up ????????
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  3. Good to hear you are well vipes. i sometimes check in on the facebook group
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  4. hi
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  5. Sup vipes.

    Did you know they have a gay version of you here? You should pop into OT from time to time and assert your dominance.
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