1. I'm gonna take a shot at some stuff on Sunday. I dont have any of my makeup numbers, so if you know the approximate amount I owe you and I agree on the number, thats fine. If not, you can pay the markup 2p2 style if you want to invest. If nobody wants any, thats fine too

    215 Sunday 100k MegaDeep
    160 Sunday 50k Crocodile
    172 (90 1r) Sunday 100k Challange

    109 Bigger 109
    215 Sunday Million
    55 Bigger 55
    75 Bigger 75

    [IF I OWE YOU MAKEUP] - $1000 total, 50/50 with makeup

    [IF I DONT OWE YOU MAKEUP] - $12 per 1% of cashes, willing to sell up to 40-50%

    Have won a couple things this week, so figure might as well take a shot Hope everyone's doing well!
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  2. nvm im just gonna yolo the schedule
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  3. ship it mofo
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