wsop national championship?
  1. Reedmoney and I are always trying to get some ptpers out to Cherokee. Now that they're bringing the wsop national championship to Cherokee this year in July/August, anybody gonna come to the Carolinas for some poker?
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  2. I am on the coast of NC and i am trying to make arrangements to come out for the circuit this month... lol in the same state but 6 hourse drive time to get there. Hopefully I may see you guys if you are there for the circuit.
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  3. I'll be there Friday the 17th for the 500k, back Saturday night, hopefully in time for the $135, Sunday for either day 2 of the 500k, if not, the $365, back again on Wednesday for the $365 monster stack. If all goes well, I'll be there Monday and Thursday for a day 3 and a day 2. Btwn work, baby showers, and poker I'm going to really pile up some mileage that week.
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