1. Thanks for sharing this Mike. It takes balls to be honest with ourselves and so many others as well. Much Respect and Appreciation, Sir!
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  2. great article sir, I would recommend Anthony Robbins' literature to anyone
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  3. such a valueable article. thank you so much Mr. Sowers.
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  4. Top man, thank you for the insight. Found it very interesting. Good luck for the future, one you may have helped more than a few strive for with a little more success.
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  5. inspired when I did not need it for poker, but for life and love. nice run at the pca Mike. gg
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  6. Really great stuff! Thanks for sharing such personal accounts and feelings.
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  8. One of the best Articles i ever read on pocketfives. thanks
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  9. Sowers i'm actually mad at you cuz you 3 outed me and ko'd me in the 150k on Fulltilt today but other than that this article has inspired me to play better! You should be a writer =)
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  10. Awesome! Thank you! This is just what I needed.
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