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  2. So, she has gone from representing one of the worst poker sites to now representing the worst cooks....way to take a step up in the world! LOL
  3. This all is coming from her French fry indecent during the main event.
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  4. Played with her a lot on UB...her fundamentals are terrible. Probably got by at the live tables cause she was the only girl. This TV show sounds terrible....I mean who's interested in a bad cook turned into an ok cook? Like couldnt be less interested.
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  5. Pathetic anything for some more attention!

    Fame is lame stay in the game!
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  6. Who cares go find out some FTP news u POFS's
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  7. i hope she loses her face in a horrible grease fire. STFU when you're not in the hand
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    Originally Posted by Al Asciutto View Post

    i hope she loses her face in a horrible grease fire. STFU when you're not in the hand

    LOL's. Pure class calling the clock when she did at the wsopME. I'd play Tiffany Michelle HU all day every day and pwn her.
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  9. blue corn pancakes yum!
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  10. She's definitely in my top10 of most disliked poker players. Whats there to like about her? Not even her looks. High definition did NOT do her justice. Man, I remember some close ups YIKES
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  11. worst front page news!!! This has no business even being on here. What a waste of time
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  12. lololol
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  13. who cares about this... this girl is sucha non factor her only chance is porno but even then meh
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