1. Villain been failry active, is a winning player, with a small profit...
    Folds to us in c/o, villain is on the button??
    start hand with 31 bbs i believe...

    Full Tilt Poker Game #26982020301: $10,000 Guarantee (Early Antes) (209294031), Table 114 - 600/1200 Ante 150 - No Limit Hold'em - 00:08:08 WET - 2011/01/05 [19:08:08 ET - 2011/01/04]
    Seat 2: Weyersfeld (28,606)
    Seat 3: thepokerdeals1 (21,914)
    Seat 4: Z1MM3RM4N (38,058)
    Seat 5: akriatidi (50,294)
    Seat 6: helsonctb (24,685)
    Seat 7: superarne85 (28,825)
    Seat 8: reviloco (24,827)
    Seat 9: sundiszno (100,180)
    Weyersfeld antes 150
    thepokerdeals1 antes 150
    Z1MM3RM4N antes 150
    akriatidi antes 150
    helsonctb antes 150
    superarne85 antes 150
    reviloco antes 150
    sundiszno antes 150
    helsonctb posts the small blind of 600
    superarne85 posts the big blind of 1,200
    The button is in seat #5
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to Z1MM3RM4N [Ad Jd]
    reviloco folds
    sundiszno folds
    Weyersfeld folds
    thepokerdeals1 folds
    Z1MM3RM4N has 15 seconds left to act
    Z1MM3RM4N raises to 2,800
    akriatidi has 15 seconds left to act
    akriatidi raises to 7,000
    helsonctb folds
    superarne85 folds
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  2. 4b shoving almost every single time against said villian. villian is on button and even tho its a pretty obvious spot for a 3 bet and hes close to being commited to shorter stacked blinds, if hes only a slightly winning aggro player i still expect his 3 bet range to be pretty wide with his stack on the button. and to boot, u have a perfct 4b shove stack.
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  3. Good Game
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  4. Such a good spot to 4betshove
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  5. I shoveski too. AJ ss is the nizzzles
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  6. There is no way I fold anything here that can flop a royal f***ing flush.
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  7. no brainer shuv why the post obvious answer
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    Originally Posted by THEWIKAMAN View Post

    no brainer shuv why the post obvious answer

    Maybe to you and others, he wouldn't of posted it if it was obvious to him.
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    Originally Posted by Jax0910 View Post

    Maybe to you and others, he wouldn't of posted it if it was obvious to him.

    Or villain showed up with a big hand
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  10. If you give him a range of 44+A2s+K3s+etc your 60/40 fav, so best to shove.
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  11. no way i'm folding there. don't think i would shove it in that position, but i would re-raise strong...bump that 7k raise he threw at you to somewhere around 19-22k and take that pot down right there. if he shoves back at you to put you all in, its a snap call (based on your position in the tourney, pot size, hole cards, knowledge of villan, etc...) if he flats your raise and allows a flop to come, i'm using my position and jamming not matter what cards hit. dunno if my advice is any good...but that's not what you were asking for. you wanted to know what i would do ;)
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