1. (*** - new this week)

    This weeks lineup:
    Party 200+15 500k (4:30)
    Stars 200+15 500k (4:30)
    FullTilt 200+16 200k (6:00)
    Paradise 200 100k (5:00)
    UB 200+15 150k (8:00)

    The buyin is $1000. There rules are as follows:

    Your best 3 finishes only will be counted. (You must play atleast 3 MTTs to qualify.)
    Highest score of the 3 combined best finishes wins.
    Winner takes all.

    Scoring system:
    Base points are the percentage tile which you finished it, rounded to the nearest tenth digit (1 after the decimal point)
    The formula is : How many people you out lasted / Entrants of MTT x 100
    Example : Finishing 1250/3000 = 3000-1250 = 1750
    1750/3000 = 58.333 = 58.3 points
    Finishing 277/1111 = 1111-277 = 834
    834/1111 = 75.06 = 75.1 points
    Then, there are bonuses
    Add 5 for money
    Add 10 for final table (Final table is 10 at some sites, 9 at others)
    Add 25 for win
    Example : Finishing 8/3205 = 3205-8 = 3197/3205 = 99.75 = 99.8
    = 99.8 + 5 + 10
    (Percentage tile + Money bonus + FT bonus)
    = 114.8 Total Points

    ***Payment : You must send me $1,000 before you are register. JJProdigy all sites. PM me if you want to send at Party, or somewhere else.

    ***Credits :
    ActionJeff - 2nd in charge
    N82 - Calculations
    Adam - Scorekeeper

    Suggestions and comments are always looked forward to.

    Thanks to everyone for the great turn out and participation last week. Cheers to many more action packed Sundays down the road.
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  2. Great idea

    Will enjoy from the rail
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  3. i suggest u do it this year not next
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  4. Suggestion granted.
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  5. i dont make the credits 4 editor in chief?

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  6. wow, ship the credit to me, kthxbyenow

    gl to all, go foshio
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  7. I AM IN. Do I need to send $$ in advance? And if so, where would you prefer. UB is my preference.


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  8. 2 questions:

    a) any thoughts on adding bodogs 100k to this mix
    b) if we get 10+ people, whats the odds of allowing second place to get their money back?
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  9. Yes. You have to send me the money ahead of time to be in. UB is fine.

    The bodog 100k is a potential, but it is somewhat out of the time frame. If I hear more feedback on it, it could be in the rotation soon enough.

    I knew I forgot something. I will have payouts for possible combos of people later tonight or early tomorrow. More than 1 spot will be paid(if 10+).
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  10. Thanks JJ. I'm sending you $1k to your UB acct now. Please confirm when you receive it.

    As for BoDog, I am in favor of adding it to the list.

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  11. Yep. Got it.
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  12. Hey JJ, can I get in on this? Also, is there a list of who is in for this week?
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  13. I'm in, I'll send the $ on Stars in a sec.

    Party: SchaeferBeer

    Stars: schaefer

    Full Tilt: SchaefMyAss

    Paradise: SchaeferBeer

    UB: SchaefMyAss
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  14. I just sent 1k to JJPRodigy on Stars, here are my names.
    Stars-t soprano
    UB-Ms Gaultieri
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  15. Sweet, got some dead $ in there.
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  16. My names are:

    Party - Reactrix
    Paradise - Reactrix

    Stars (F Stars) - pokertrip
    UB - pokertrip
    FT - pokertrip
    Bodog - pokertrip
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  17. JJ,

    I sent it on Stars. Please confirm you got it.

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  18. Good to go.
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  19. Alright I'm in.... just need ur info JJ...
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  20. JJ-

    I am trying to decide if I am good enough to do this...

    do u know the winning score for last week/have his finishes
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  21. After last week, I was looking forward to the action for this week. But after really looking at the scoring system, I think it's a little too simple to use for the stakes being talked about.

    Obviously, a FT at PokerStars is a lot larger accomplishment than a FT at the Paradise 100k (no offense to anyone). It's just the sheer numbers. Doesn't make much sense to reward the same for someone outlasting 2,990 people as you did for the guy who beat 590.

    I'm just saying this because I'm running horribly bad on Paradise and don't want to give away so much equity.

    A guy could win the Stars 100k, finish top 5% of stars and finish in the top 40% of three other tourneys and lose to the guy that barely makes the money in three other small field events.

    (100+25)+ (95+5) +60 = 285
    (91+5) + (90+5) + (90+5) = 286

    But GL to everyone who is in on the action.
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  22. JJProdigy -
    If Awwnutz's problem is something other participants are bothered by, I think y'all should use the TLB Calculator for all of the sites. This way the size of the field is taken into effect.
    Just a thought...
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  23. good call bock.

    TLB calculator yields 1800 points for Stars victory and 800 for Paradise victory.
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  24. OK im in JJ,

    Party: worldsgrtest
    Stars: luckylady519
    Dise: Worldsgrtest
    UB: Ducci015
    FullTilt: cmcapalb

    Im sending u the money on stars as we speak, lookin forward to this

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  25. JJ,

    As usual, whether I play or not will be a gametime decision by Mrs Bax. Can I have a conditional entry into the contest? Thus, if I register and play the 4:30s then I am in, if I do not register and play then I am out. Lemme know.



    BTW, I have to leave now so won't check this thread til I'm back.
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  26. That's fine, Bax.
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  27. A new scoring system will be considered for future weeks. However, it is too late to change for this week. Thank you for the suggestions.
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  28. I think the winning score was about 280.
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  29. Temporary scoring system for today

    1-9 100% to winner
    10-19 70 winner / 30 runner up
    20+ 60 winner / 25 2nd / 15 3rd
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  30. Im in donflun on all except dice mrdonflun
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