1. Got my 1st win today since ive started to grind tourneys on the regular.. feels so good! even tho it was a baby tourney with weak players it builda confidence and i owe a lot of my progress to you guys! THANKS! some of your post and hand inquires taught me alot about what i was doing wrong and how to tweak to accomplish my goals as a mtt poker player.. SEE YA AT MY NEXT FT

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  2. nice work, keep it up
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  3. awesome bro, keep posts like this coming!!!!!!
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  4. congrats man, keep it going
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  5. Congrats
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  6. well done cam! grats. now ship one with an extra zero at the end... ;)
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  7. Congrats. Any win is good!!
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    Originally Posted by bonflizubi View Post

    well done cam! grats. now ship one with an extra zero at the end... ;)


    Congrats on the win cam! The first one is always sweet. :)
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  9. my next goal is to bring in 4 digits! good looks to evry1
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  10. Congrats, and there is no small win. It is just a building to the next one that will be bigger.
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  11. Congrats!!
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  12. Congrats dude!!! I finished 5th out of 1273 this morning in a $11 tourney and I owe my success to this place as well, mainly Daize (ImDaNuts) haha. Keep it up man!
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  13. awesome...gg
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  14. nice job
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