$3 MTT spot?
  1. Pacific No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 40/80 Blinds (9 handed) - Pacific Converter Tool from http://www.flopturnriver.com

    Button (t1,492)
    SB (t6,042)
    BB (t7,637)
    UTG (t6,485)
    UTG+1 (t3,899)
    MP1 (t2,114)
    MP2 (t2,858)
    MP3 (t2,278)
    Hero (CO) (t3,131)

    Hero's M: 26.09

    Preflop: Hero is CO with Q, 9
    5 folds, Hero raises t160, 1 fold, SB calls t120, BB calls t80

    Flop: (t480) Q, A, 5 (3 players)
    SB checks, BB checks, Hero checks

    Turn: (t480) 9 (3 players)
    SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets t240, 1 fold, BB raises t756, Hero calls t516

    River: (t1,992) K (2 players)
    BB bets t6,713, [color=#666666][i]Hero?

    I went smaller Pre since the SB had been a bit crazy preflop during the early stages and was a fish.

    I had no reads on BB. Since the average player at this blind level in this level game is bad and passive i thought this was a weird spot.

    Does bet/call seem standard on the turn? How are you ranging this players turn raise? How are you reacting to rivers?
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  2. Maybe we shouldent torture ourself with all these ,good but hard, questions. Why not just cbet the flop?-talking about standard-And then just respect most of this unknow players raises. I see a lot of problems on a lot of rivs.
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  3. Turn is good. River is a fold.

    I'm folding this preflop, especially since you said SB is getting out of line/3-betting a lot.
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  4. Been reading through a lot of your posts and i'm starting to come to the conclusion you're your own worst enemy a lot of the time. Be it checking back when you should lead, flat when you should raise, not betting enough pre or post flop etc. The real question isn't what to do in these weird spots, it's why are you always in them? Mistakes in most hands posted imo. Study more, play less.
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  5. FLOP: I´d c bet here. I´m assuming his range is wide by completing, no info on the flop because everyone chxs to the preflop raiser.

    Turn check raise - I´m assuming he would generally lead any value hand here like A5/AQ/A9 or set, the flop is fairly wet & you are multiway. You checked flop so he can´t assume you will bet turn. So, I´d assume he has a draw like J10 or combo like k9hearts. He could be slow playing but based on the runout I think I´m calling and folding river.......

    OR I haven´t looked at stacks and fold equity but what do you think about GII on the turn?

    I get the impression from reading his posts that Machine studies quite a lot.

    Being presumptious, I´m assuming he doesn´t keep it simple enough versus weak players in certain situations. I´m certainly guilty as charged on this one.

    I think overstudy for the low stakes is a leak where as re hashing the basics & ones own game is much more beneficial. IMO stepping up the complexity of poker only becomes necessary when moving up to the next levels.
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  6. Remains a question. OR pre was with the intend to .....? we know it was not to steal
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    Originally Posted by vandenboss View Post

    Remains a question. OR pre was with the intend to .....? we know it was not to steal

    I thought you were giving up the "smoking"! I don´t get your question!
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  8. I'd given up on almost everything but smoking lol Question was for hero. Why was he in the hand ? Not to steal cause sb had gone crazy pre and was a fish, and bb was unknown.So not really a great steal spot.4bet intensions ? But then you would have cbet the flop i think
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  9. When Im in that spot, I call the cbet my ace finder..

    But then again...Beyond the cards and the table dynamic, theres the question of the need to be fighting at all at this point in the tournament..You made it this far, fckit call it off 50/50 shot of doubling up!!..
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  10. Talking about smoking...someone,very much, did or did not smoke his old lady lolol ! https://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/tripseekerx/
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  11. You opened with a min-raise, you did narrow the SB down to about 87o+ but with him in the BB's range is just about any 2 cards. In other words you don't have any useful information about their hands.

    On the flop you checked back, so you've showed weakness on 2 streets at this point and in essence said "Hey, I don't have an A". Not a bad option as part of a larger meta-game strategy but you aren't asking this question if you are that deep in meta.

    On the turn you opened 1/2 pot to 2 more checks, not showing any real strength from their point of view. If I'm sitting in the villain's place I'm raising whatever I'm holding not because I think I'm ahead but rather I think you fold a check/raise almost 100%.

    So what to do as played? The numbers if we continue look like this: Pot after the call part of our bet is ~2K (1992) and we have ~2.2K (2215) back so shipping is basically a pot size raise, I'm never calling that, for me it's a fold/ship decision. Because we showed so much weakness as played I'm shipping the turn.

    What could we have done differently?

    Pre-flop we could go more than min, maybe something like 2.5x. If we can fold the SB the BB will have to be better than any 2 cars to come along.

    On the flop c-bet, whatever you normally c-bet. Claim the A and see if that's good.

    my 2 cents
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  12. On a board as drawy as this vs a potential maniac why would we bet flop? Betting for info without clean info is surely a very bad idea, no?
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    Originally Posted by machine View Post

    On a board as drawy as this vs a potential maniac why would we bet flop? Betting for info without clean info is surely a very bad idea, no?

    I´m only thinking that a maniac preflop is likely to be 3 betting you with any Ace. The BB is getting a good price to call with a wide range. PLus I´d also expect one or the other to donk a % of the time with a made hand on such a wet board. So, I´m making a standard c bet here with the idea there is a good chance I´m ahead & I´d like them to consider the fact that I might have an Ace or better.

    At least there is a chance you get the BB out of the pot.

    I do take you point though, if you´ve seen him raising c-bets before.
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  14. Seems a pretty weird spot and without knowing anything about villain it's tough to assign a range.

    You would expect villain to lead out rather than C/R the turn with any value hands, to avoid it checking round again and allowing another free card to roll off.

    Your bet on the turn appears quite weak as you would likely have C-bet most value hands on the flop. So from villain's perspective, there are a lot of Qx hands and semi-bluffs in your range on the turn, with a narrow value range of turned 2 pairs and a set of nines.

    So it seems like a decent spot for villain to make a move on the turn if he thinks your range is more heavily weighted towards bluffs / one pair hands. His raise also sets up a roughly pot-size shove on the river, so he may be planning to bluff-shove most rivers if you call.

    The K on the river is perhaps a card that would shut down this plan, though. If villain raised turn with a KJ / KT gutshot or KhXh he might slow down now having picked up showdown value. You don't see too many players at this level turning Kx into a bluff here. The K is also a scare card for villain as there is a lot of JT in your range.

    The 16 possible combos of JT are also a big part of villain's C/R bluffing range on the turn, and of course he would be shoving with that on the river.

    Tough spot but I think in the moment I would call given that there is not much value villain should have on the river given his line (perhaps only JT), and that our line looked weak, inviting a bluff.

    With villain's turn C/R range weighted towards semi-bluffs, I would perhaps have considered 3bet shoving over it. Would he really have checked twice with 2 pair or a set?

    Sorry if that was a bit garbled, first time I've posted any analysis in a while.
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