1. I'm pretty new to PL Omaha, only played the last few months, but it is by far my favorite cash game right now. I haven't really read much in depth analysis on the game, but I wanted to know what the general consensus is on AAxx suited or not preflop. I started at .10/.25 and now i'm usually playing at 1/2 levels and have taken a shot or two at 2/4.

    Do you almost always come in with a raise, or pot it preflop into several limpers, or only when double suited / double paired / XX is connected?

    My biggest question though is...

    Are you willing to get all in preflop with any AAxx almost everytime?

    I've made a fair amt of money getting tilted people all in preflop when I have AAxx...I am willing to risk up to 1 buyin on AAxx preflop every time, if I'm deepstacked against another deep stack, I'll see the flop. Is that generally the best strategy?
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  2. Check out the Stategy Archives to the left.

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  3. There's a great thread there about what is the best starting hand, and other stuff on O8, but i'm talking about Omaha Hi, and looking for discussion on best way to play the best starting hands.
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  4. With AAxx, you only want to be getting involved in a big pot with it if you are in position and can get most of your stack in the pot preflop with it, as it is statistical favourite over any other starting hand, except another AAxx. In early position, it is OK to limp with it, as you cannot raise enough to force most people to fold. And if you do raise early, someone can call you with position over you, and then on the flop, if they know you got AA and they hit trips or 2-pair, your in for a world of pain, because you most likely will have to continuation bet in to most flops, then they are free to reraise you to death.

    If you raise with a wide range of opening hands preflop though, throwing in the occasional raise with AAxx can't be a bad thing.
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  5. Holding AA in omaha does not carry the edge as hold-em.Therefore they must be played very differently.Now you stated you are willing to risk 1 buy-in on them.Heres how i would play them.First they must not be naked.Your other 2 cards you will find will win you the hand more then you think(alot more).AA double suited or single suited with a broadway card.You know the ones you dream about!Now if you raise early this will only encourage action behind you (trust me on this).What I do in early posistion is to limp and hope for a raise behind you.If I don't get it well I see the flop cheaply and play from there.If i get a raise I make the best play in any pot-limit game the re-raise.You do this to isolate 1 or2 players which your AA plays well against.If the flop does not contain3 to a flush or 3 to a st8 i will pot bet it.This is your money bet either way .Be smart with it!If the flop scares you 1/2 pot it.See what action you get.In late position with limpers you can pot bet it and hope for just 3 callers (good luck).In a 4 or 5 way pot your aces shrink and you must hit the flop.Don't for a second think a over pair is good in a 5 way flop be smart and dump themit only cost you a few bb's. good luck!
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