Advice going from Cash to MTT's
  1. Hi first time post,

    Played alot of micro cash games and I have been doing alright started with a small amount and got it up to a few hundred roughly $600. I also play on a site which doesnt allow a hud so no graph boys sorry.

    Anyway point of this post is that I am thinking about trying MTT's I have dabbled in them in the past but never made a huge effort in understanding the game the impact of ante's the bubble play etc. I would be buying and clicking buttons and hoping for a huge amount of luck, most of the time punting it all way before the bubble.

    Any advice from moving from the cash games?

    I am thinking about limiting myself to $5 buyins on 888/party poker.
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  2. $5 average buyin seems reasonable for a $600 bankroll, just be sure to be mixing in some slightly smaller buyins and also some smaller field tournaments to help minimize variance. Try and surround yourself with some other MTT players that you can discuss strategy and also consider checking out some training sites or other training material. Good luck!
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  3. Are you using any hand tracker? (Holdem Manager or Poker tracker). They have trial version. If you look at your EV BB / 100 stats in the reports (adjusted BB / 100 in PT4), then you can keep cheking your performance. If you grow your bankroll I would recommend getting an experienced coach as well and get at least 1 hour database analysis. Wish you good luck!
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  4. going from cash 2 MTT's u need to learn shove ranges..and how to play 22/37BB stack since in cash u are always deep 60/90 BB. ... bet sizing so u dont burn up your stack ext.. GL
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  5. If you are doing very well at cash, why would you wish to move away therefrom, to a higher variance format of poker?
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