1. I am not playing AK properly pre-flop. I am usually happy to GII pre 80-90% of the time however i dont think this is optimal.

    I was wondering what your optimal strategies are? Ive been losing deep in tournaments tending to elect to GII pre vs min raises and 3bets.

    Obviously Short stacked its going in but when your say average stack on the bubble how are you playing AK?

    1.) raising from early position and then facing a 3 bet?
    2.) being in late position facing a min raise?
    3.) 3+ handed pots in late position/BB?

    When I am facing a big stack im tending to GII with fold equity and realise my equity more often vs hands like AQ/AJ. Should I be raising/3 betting for value and assessing flops more often?

    I have been told in the past play AK the same as AA.

    Id really appreciate your thoughts as I believe its a big leak in my game? However maybe its just variance/coolers?

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  2. The deeper your stack the worse shape you're in in all in situations imo as villains range should be stronger, heavily leaning toward premium pairs and AKs, a range that just destroys AK. At the end of the day, AK is a draw hand and just A high preflop. Obviously a great hand though but it's not an auto GII in all scenarios. If you're regularly playing 200bb pots all in pre I'd be amazed if you're turning profit with AK holdings.

    1) Too vague tbh. Stack sizes? Villain position? Got to be wary of your UTG range being raised either way, though. It your tightest range so proceed with caution. That doesn't mean don't 4bet. Just be wary of playing huge pots with a deep stack from EP with AK. Dicey.

    2) 3b for value. Again be wary of stack sizes as we don't want to be playing massive pots vs a range that only consists of hands that have us in bad shape. Now, if you have weak / spewy players behind, you could flat and rip it when the raise.

    3) Raise big. Like way bigger than normal. We're so happy to just take it down pre in these situations I think. Also don't want to be playing multi way with AK, value goes way way down the more players are in. That is only amplified if we are in the blinds as we are OOP.

    Don't play AK the same as AA. I think that was really terrible advice tbh. They're not even in the same class!

    In summary; avoid huge all ins pre when deep stacked for the most part as with every raise villains range is getting narrower and narrower and that is not good for us. Avoid multi way situations as much as possible. If you have to 6x raise from the bb vs an open + two callers then so be it. Do it. Otherwise taking these holding multi way OOP you're either gonna get out flopped, out drawn or out played a lot of the time. Cautious aggression.
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  3. thanks FlopDeck for the breakdown I literally just busted the 50k $109 before reading your reply. I just had AK in the SB facing a 1/2 stack shove (AQ) in the BB and a similar stack shove (JJ) from cut off (LAG player). I had a gut feeling I was punting for 125 BBs.
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