1. ok so after Marco loses HU in the 1k to potripper (when potripper called his huge all in raise on the turn with T high, Marco had a 9 high flush draw) and reads a few posts suggesting foul play in the coming days, he requests the HH from Absolute... they sent him the HH for the tourny in a scrambled excel file, which he didn't really know how to organize and just kind of put off for awhile... well we are just now looking at the HH again, and it's pretty fucked up cuz Absolute gave Marco access to EVERYONE's hole cards for the entire tourny, not just his or his tables but the entire field...

    well it only takes a few hands to realize potripper could see the cards, but not what is coming on the flop/turn/riv... I was already 99% sure from seeing Marco's hands and some HH's other ppl had posted, but this is just unreal how he plays each hand... there is no way someone could bluff like he does and value bet like he does without being able to know what their opponents hold, it really is undeniable...

    working on getting the scrambled excel file into a PXF replayer now, the guys working on it told me it's like a puzzle and shouldn't be too long before they have potripper's tables/hands up...

    gonna be a shitstorm on here when you guys see this...
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  2. wowowow
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  3. wow unreal.
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  4. uh, I've been away from online poker for a while... link to w/e the OP is referring to.. is my money safe on AP?

    edit - just did a little searching... how long will it take me to get my 4k off that site? crazy shit.
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  5. fjldakls;fjkla;sdjfl;aksdjf;lkj, nice work guys cant wait to see this
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  6. Birds can fly,
    Fish can swim,
    Animals can run,
    So they can all be snared or trapped.
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  7. woaaahh, this is insane
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  8. this should be sick
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  9. This is the sickest thing I have ever seen. If you see this file you will have no doubt that he was cheating. There are just way to many sick folds, extremely thin v-bets, and massive over bet bluffs for me to believe he wasnt cheating.

    edit: now I have him folding about 7 hands pre flop the whole tourney so far going into the 150-300 level. On the 7 hands he folded, QQ/KK/AA were dealt out to other players on each hand. He open folded KQ to no raise pre when AA was dealt out there and remember he has only folded 7 hands pre so far so he is playing the ugliest of hands including 27o and 62o etc.
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  10. wow looking forward to seeing this
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  11. I liked AP's cash games =/ guess i should stop playing there if this is true
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  12. i think AP is about 2 get pwned
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  13. cant wait to see it. isnt AP and UB under the same ownership now though? i dont play on either anymore, and i dont know why alot of you top pros or even casual players still frequent UB.. they obv have to be just as rigged.
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  14. Horseracing was a prophet....praise the Lord.

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  15. this is craaaaazy
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  16. How perfect is this quote from the great horseracing!?

    "AP, you will be judged by the Lord"
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  17. hope that AP will finally address this problem now

    great job waco im looking forward to seeing this
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  18. wow...
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  19. Thats fucking sickkkkkkk..... i used to dream about seeing others hole cards, didnt think it was possible.
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  20. let me know when to get my umbrella!
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  21. this is incredible
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  22. ella... ella...ella... eh eh eh
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  23. amazing.... one of the comments above was, "hopefully AP will address this..." LMFAO... anyone who EVER plays there again is a fool.... can't wait to see the HH....
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  24. Far from this being "sick" or "incredible" its actually fucking terrible and I hope it isnt true.
    Its just another mark for the 'internet poker should be banned' campaign.

    Come along with the PXF of this I would love to see this for myself.
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  25. man im about to shit myself in excitement for this hh.
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  26. guess the "f ub" mantra should be changed to "f ap"
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  27. lol @ their support sending you that HH with everyone's hole cards. How fucking stupid can they be to maintain there is no super user but send you that smoking gun.

    This is O.J.'s glove before Mark Fuhrman, this is the lead pipe in the study by Col. Mustard FTW.
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  28. Waco and Marco -- thank you so much for getting this out there. I know that some people have expressed reservations about whether exposing such damning evidence is good for the future of online poker. Personally I think it is more important that such blatant disregard by a site towards its customers be exposed and that such neglect, if not outright theivery, be brought out into the open so that they be held accountable. I look forward to seeing this.
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  29. yea they sent us this a few days after the tourny, before they had been accused in public of cheating... someone obv fucked up and sent him the wrong HH...

    we are having problems getting the jumbled excel file into the replayer, so at minimum we will post numerous key hands...
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  30. there are sooo many hands, there is evidence in almost every hand dealt... we are going thru them trying to decide what to post now

    I will repeat it's unreal and 100% evidence this guy could see the cards
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