1. i am about to graduate college and will be playin poker online for my job. this is nice because i can live anywhere... where is the best place to live taking taxes and cost of living into consideration
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  2. post this in off-topic i guarantee youll get some good suggestions.
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  3. I'll answer for you.

    For my money--if you are going to play for a job=

    THE BEST PLACE would be to move to the beach in LAGUNA BEACH CALI (second choices Newport, Manhattan Sch ok also)

    and make your millions at the Commerce Casino (and pick a few other dollars up at the Bike Hustler Hollywood Park)--and you will need all you can get living there.

    But--you will find the best players (and also the best loosest fish) in Los Angeles and they have endless amounts of cash to part with
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  4. You should probably establish residence in a state that doesn't collect state income tax. Nevada and Texas immediately come to mind.

    You could live in Vegas and it's but a 45 minute flight to Los Angeles. They depart every 15 minutes like a goddam bus line.
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  5. LOL on living in Laguna Beach or Newport and commuting to Commerce to work. You obviously don't understand what a 45 mile drive in los angeles/orange counties is like.
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  6. I agree with OMG here, a state without state income tax is key if you want to stay in the US. However, you could always move abroad to Canada, Australia, or the UK were they don't have to report gambling winnings. I'm not sure how that would work since poker will be your primary job...hmmmmm. Welp, done thinking about that, I'm going to get a glazed donut. Good luck on your magic journey.
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  7. Well--not to be technical (but I will be)--establishing residency in Nevada or Texas and flying to LA to play big games and tournys at the Commerce--DOES NOT relieve you of California state income tax.

    You see--the laws are--you pay tax in the state you EARNED IT--not live in.

    A la--if you don't realize it--baseball players pay tax in every home city they appear--sick but true!

    OH--and a ride from Laguna or Newport to Commerce everyday--is 1 million percent worth it when you get home everyday--you get used to the commutes there after a while (or kill yourself)
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  8. well if i lived in texas or nevada what percentage of the money i make online would have to be taxed? how much does federal and how would state take"obv none of in vegas or texas right?" and moving out of the states is not a concern.. most of my poker income will be made online and not live
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  9. or understand what keeping cost of living down means.

    i'd say las vegas is a good bet, it's cheap and no state income tax. toronto might be a second choice, though i have no idea how expensive life is there.
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  10. Florida.. no state tax... beautiful weather.. hot broads.. and cheaper than Vegas, and obviously much cheaper than LA
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  11. I can't believe we're even debating this. If you're a serious poker player, you must move to Las Vegas. No state taxes, relatively affordable housing, and more action than you can handle. It's the reason I moved here.

    Besides, once you move here, you'll find the live games are alot easier than the online games. It's the reason I moved here a year ago and has been the best move of my life.
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  12. well angel i respect that this is the first post u have ever made on pocketfives so ya vegas must be the place to be if ur gonna play poker for a living
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  13. you could always go overseas to a low cost lace. i know several pros who play from thailand. i would do some research before you jump to vegas right away. i know there was a thread about this on 2+2 awhile ago, ill try nd find it
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  14. any p5ers that play from thailand that u know that might be able to tell me alittle about that?
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  15. My suggestion is that if you have a chance to move to someplace you can play live, that would be best for your whole game.

    Los Angeles is the best. There are tons of poker rooms, they don't have vegas style gambling, so you're treated well by staff. It's only a 1 Hr. flight from Las Vegas. Puts you an hour or less away from 80% of the WPT and WSOP events. Also, consistently runs many more middle to big limits games than vegas does (vegas poker rooms cater to highrollers or tourists). Very short waits for the right limit and game. Much bigger variety of games and limits spread. Less "distractions" for your bank roll.... ok they're there, but they're less obvious. Let's not forget the glorious weather. Women aren't the rake (few places can compare with LA for this category), scraping ice off your windshield is. lol.

    One consideration for Las Vegas though is that in Vegas, until you get very high up in limits (100-200 or higher), the games are much softer than in Los Angeles. In LA the tourists don't play poker, so you have to beat the regulars. Also, Vegas is much cheaper to live in.

    Hope that helps,

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  16. Erbloore--

    very nicely put--good description--I couldn't agree more
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