1. Oh man this was a good one..

    »DrStacks: outstanding
    »DrStacks: how do you click the mouse with hooves?
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  2. LOL
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  3. hahaha
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  4. How do you type with boxing gloves on your hands?
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  5. lol....classic....
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  6. Best one I heard at the PS tables.
    What kind of dog is that in your avatar? (the person he was questioning had a baby picture up)
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  8. Ive been playing poker before you were born.
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  9. Calling you bad is insulting to bad players everywhere!
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  10. lol
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  11. Nice call Eyeoore
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  12. I am stealing this insult shamelessly. Will probably have to put it into use within the next couple of days...
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  13. nice stack.
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  14. i am getting this insult tattoed on my arm, and am going to tell it to the donkey who busts me at my first WSOP
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  15. OMFG! LOL!!! All time best, great post Mantis.
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  16. I dont know about the insult but Gus Hanson had a funny comeback last night to Mike Madasow.

    Mike Madasow : Gus you are the worst poker player ever.
    Gus Hanson: Well there is this one guy in Ohio, but when he dies I'll be the worst.
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  17. I have a picture of Lee as my avatar or whatever...and I swear every day I get somesome saying "atleast Im not as ugly as you" or "I can't stand looking at your ugly ass bald head anymore"
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  18. that is awesome
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  19. i dont know what stars translation was but i obviously said something bad with this warning!!


    i jus love this post!!!
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  20. Whenever someone says how can u raise that hand or push with that crap...I always say sorry man I havent read the same book as you.
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  21. har, nice.
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  22. NICE! I'd love to play poker against Strong Bad. Rumor has it that The Cheat is involved with the Poker Stars RNG.
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  23. That makes me upset that I didn't say such a great quote like that first.

    My fav quote ever was from the 05 TOC when it was three handed with the mouth, hoyt corkins, and hellmuth. Mouth flopped a pair and a straight draw and bet and hellmuth floated him on the flop calling with nothing and proceeded to make runner runner ace high straight when the board itself was a King high straight. Matusow calls and says "nice flop".

    In the bahamas too, in the 50/100nl game, there were these Venezualens who were brutal and dumping money everywhere. Matusow was heads up in a hand with one of them when the board showed 76652. The venezualen bet and matusow moved all in for about 9k (with A6) to call with about 10k already in the pot and the guy immediatly called with KQ. Matusow goes "oh the ole king high huh buddy?"

    Lol was some pretty classic stuff.
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  24. "U should try a new sport.......like knitting................. knit urself a fuckin sum buddy!"
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