1. Hi.

    I wanted to warn everybody to stay far away from any poker room that is licensed or has anything to do with a gaming firm called Futurebet (www.futurebet.com). This firm is a higly irresponsible company. It has in standard using borderline legal practice. It frequently freezes cashouts. That happend with Bayou Poker few months ago, and is going on now with Pokes Poker and other rooms.

    More about how irresponsible Futurbet can be read at
    http://www.pokerroomreview.com/artic...futurebet.aspx .

    Whole Digital Gaming Network is driven by Futurebet. Some respected sites (for example Full Contact Poker) use Futurebet's software, and what is more threatening, uses Futurebet to transfer money. The list of sites that are connected with futurebet can be found here -
    http://www.casinomeister.com/rogue/n...urebetlist.php .

    I post it all, because Futurebet owes me a lot of money. I was Pokes Poker player (username GrasiuPoke). I requested cashouts for 10k+ from Pokes Poker about two months ago and I still have not seen any money - the cashouts are still "pending". E-mails I write are usually not being anwsered. And when they sometimes are, all I can read in them is bulls**t written to me only to calm me a little and gain time.

    I post it all, because I want Futurebet to know, that they must not act like that, because they will be yanked. If they start acting responsibly (they give me any reliable information about the cashouts situation, or better they just pay me), I will post about it. For now I warn you all - BEWARE OF FUTUREBET!

    Lukasz "Grasiu" Grabowski
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  2. I second that post, Futurebet totally sucks. Many people are still waiting for cashouts from a few months ago from Pokes Poker, and I would expect similar problems from any of the sites on the new Futurebet / Dobrosoft network, which includes Full Contact Poker.

    I was an affiliate for Bayou for a while, and I actually had to call the owner at his other job and threaten to go down to Louisiana with some "friends" just to get people their cashouts.

    Avoid any futurebet site at all costs.
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