1. Thought this was interesting. Erik1223/Erik123 has sbrugby lend him $200k after Ivey suggests it and vouches for the money. Ivey ended up $331k for the day and Erik -$265k. I don't understand the second part where Erik has Ivey send him another $100k?

    (hope this isn't considered cross-posting)

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    Phil Ivey: have sb send you some money erik i will
    Erik1223: sb can you?
    Phil Ivey: sb can you get my number from someone
    and call me
    sbrugby: In tahoe my phone doesn't work
    Phil Ivey: lol
    Phil Ivey: ok
    Erik1223: `ul
    sbrugby: how much do you need erik?
    Erik1223: i would like 200k so i dont have to fool
    around everytime i lose one hand
    Phil Ivey: if he dies i will pay you sb
    sbrugby: and when would I get it back?
    Erik1223: within 7 days if I lose all today i I win
    Erik1223: ill just send you a wire
    sbrugby: and you are vouching for him phil?
    Phil Ivey: yup
    sbrugby: k sending
    Erik1223: its the most solid money youll ever have
    Phil Ivey: your a little safer loaning it to him instead
    of matusow
    Mike Matusow (Observer): namines more solid
    Mike Matusow (Observer): lol
    Mike Matusow: i heard that
    <span>A bit later...</span>
    Erik1223: do
    Erik1223: me the favor
    Erik1223: your to rich for your own good anyways
    Erik1223: send me 100 then i can keep alittlebit and ship the
    200 to sbrug
    Erik1223: hate owing ppl i dont even know money
    Phil Ivey: k
    Phil Ivey: on the way
    Erik1223: ty buddy ill call you tomorrow'
    Erik1223: ciao
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  2. i thought the famous guy was "Erick123" not "Erick1223".... maybe i'm thinking of something else, or maybe ivey and rugby just got PWNED..
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  3. erik is only 22 correct?
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  4. Are you really that dumb? That's just his name on Full Tilt, I presume it was also taken during registration.
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  5. My guess is SB loaned Eric 200K. He probably ended up 100K and wanted Ivey to send him another 100K so he could just pay his debt off to SB (who he doesn't even know)...He'd rather just owe someone he knows (Ivey) the money.
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  6. read the thread on 4, it is complete with HH's, erik got the 200k, phil said he would vouch for him, so sbrugby sent, erik lost the 200k, then asked ivey for another 100k, and also asked him to ship the 200k to sbrugby, now in debted to ivey for 300k.....on a side note it was phil who was pushing for sb to ship to erik obv knowing he had a big edge on erik in the game and he would get it all back, which he did
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