1. they were all out of gift2go so i bought a $100 green dot, and cant get it to work.


    anyone know any site still takin it?
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  2. No I dont believe anyone is taking green dots.
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  3. fuck me...

    I have no luck at all
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  4. you can load your greendot onto epassporte

    so 100 buck visa for 110
    epassporte 10 buck charge

    so for 110 bucks you get 90, sucks dont it
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  5. I don't believe any site EVER accepted the green dot cards. At least I remember reading many, many posts stating that they did NOT.
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  6. What about the VanillaVisa?
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  7. vanilla visa will not work, the problem is your credit card billing address must match, and these don't have one
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  8. ty, seen it at the store and wondered. I cant believe there isnt a walgreens for 40 miles in my area. 2 are being built though, still crazy.
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  9. I used it to deposit on UB this week. Had to call into customer service after attempting a deposit
    for them to verify my info because it was the first use of the card.
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