1. I have insomnia, so I jumped into the first tournament starting on Stars. Of course at my table is The Guy Who Has To Make a Comment After Every Single Hand. You know this guy. He is, as the name suggests, a guy who has to make a comment after every single hand. Usually it's more than "nh", it's usually someone who tries really really really hard to strike up conversation, often by saying what his hole cards were after every hand he would have made the "best hand" on, or saying something to someone who was caught bluffing, or just saying "ooooooooo" after a bigish hand. Just that constant need for some kind of acceptance/friendship that is demonstrated makes me roll my eyes and turn up the TV. Tonight, though, I found the New Breed of TGWHTMACFESH.....the guy who makes incessent comments trying to use poker words/terms, but just horribly bungles them up.
    For example, after a hand where I call a minraise from the BB, check raise the flop, lead out on the turn, and lead out again on the river (where the other player in the hand folds for 500 after calling off about 900 from his stack), TGWHTMACFESH who obviously wasn't even IN the hand starts up with calling me a "theif" twice and saying "nice steal" another two times. Um, how is it a steal when the guy misses his draw and folds after committing almost 2/3rds of his stack? Well, I'm sure one time Lon Mcheron said "steal", so now every time someone bets and another person folds, it's a steal. Ok.
    Couple hands later, I raise it up pre (with what turns out to be a dominating hand), get a caller, lead out a standard c-bet on the flop, get a call from OOP at which point I shut down, the turn is checked through, and on the river I hit a gutshot for the nut straight, so I raise the lead out bet which is called, I show and win the pot. TGWHTMACFESH (again, not in the hand) is incessed, proclaiming "hmmmmmmm" and "bluffed it all the way and hit the river". How making one standard bet while behind equals "bluffing it all the way" I'll never know. But again, this is a term where if you just take 5 seconds to rationalize it out you'll see that it doesn't apply to this situation.
    I'm curious now, so I ask TGWHTMACFESH if he understands what "bluffing it all the way" means, at which point he proclaims that HE doesn't have to bluff because he plays good cards and makes good reads (his words). You'll see that this didn't answer my question in the slightest, but I didn't have enough time to point that out, as he played TT (min reraising it preflop) and saw an AAQ board where he called two bets and lost to AJ (not a good read), and then a couple hands later limped AA and saw the flop 5 handed, min raised on a two club board, and obviously calls an allin by TWO players when the 3rd club hits the turn and he's drawing dead to both of them.
    Of course during this, he was able to sneak another term in, saying (about the AAQ call down), "of course any paired board is worth seeing cheaply when u have pockets lol". On this one I'm not really sure WHAT he's trying to say. When you see "I want to see the flop" that means you usually call preflop to see the flop, but he said "any paired board", meaning the flop has already come out. I assume he's trying to say that if the board is paired and you have a pocket pair, you should call down as long as it's not your entire stack, which is sound strategy to be sure.........
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  2. I know who you're talking about, I consider them nothing but a virus with shoes.
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  3. GambleAB's wall of text crits you for 238940234
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  4. I lol'd

    OD_Raider [observer]: hey gamble
    OD_Raider [observer]: suck my c0ck
    GambleAB: no ty
    OD_Raider [observer]: no really
    OD_Raider [observer]: suck on it
    GambleAB: sorry I'm not into guys
    Dealer: AUSSIE6, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
    GambleAB: flattered though
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  5. That was the guy who called off 2/3rds of his stack on the flop and turn and then folded the river for his last 500 and immed started in with the name calling. I honestly don't understand why he's so mad, as there is no way he folds a better hand, meaning he was behind the entire time and just didn't hit.
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  6. ive always had a soft spot for late night gamble AB diatribes well done again sir
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  7. its kind of funny, I thought I was the only one who hated these guys.

    only thing worse is in lower stakes tourneys you get a lot of "CALL HIM HEZ BLAWFIN!"/"STEAL. STEAL. HE'S STEALING TEH BLYNDS!!!"
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  8. AB, I know we have had our differences in the past, but fwiw i defffff lol'ed.

    Nice post sir, Those guys at the table make me smile and optomistic that poker will never dry up
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  9. borrelaar: ty
    OD_Raider: nh dirt bag
    OD_Raider: sniff this fart
    OD_Raider: sgb
    OD_Raider: fg
    OD_Raider: b
    OD_Raider: sf
    OD_Raider: gb
    OD_Raider: sfg
    OD_Raider: bpoop
    Dealer: SebomodeZ, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
    OD_Raider: peni s
    OD_Raider: *****
    OD_Raider: p e n i s
    OD_Raider: P E N I S
    OD_Raider: P E N I S
    OD_Raider: P E N I S
    Dealer: SebomodeZ, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
    OD_Raider: PE NIS
    OD_Raider: BOBS
    OD_Raider: BOOBS
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