1. i am asking this in general terms i am not wanting to think too much into this {by that i mean stack size, tells and so on}

    late in a mtt, I was just moved to a new table and it was my first hand there.

    i was dealt KQ and raised and i was called by one other

    flop came 7 K Q

    my oppenent bet and i raised i was then re raised all in for about 1/4 of my stack...
    i figured he might have AJ for a draw and be thinking i came to the table and wanting to be pushy or AK or maybe even AQ.

    i called and he showed 77 for trips and won.

    that was a key hand in my MTT and i ended 60/550{or so} i then lost a few other hands i might not have played the same if i wasnt on tilt or had a few more chips.

    was i wrong to call? is there ever a time you would fold in my spot?

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  2. all of those unimportant things like stack sizes and previous plays all actually matter.

    in general, on that flop in a small MTT online, i'm NEVER folding KQ, but all that stuff DOES MATTER.
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  3. i know those things matter but i was just asking in general.

    would u fold top 2 pair with that flop, generally? is what i really wanted to know. i just wanted to see what people thought
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  4. I assume you don't want a "tin foil hat" response so I will just say, my experience online has taught be to be very very careful when I flop 2 pair.
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  5. you get the money in there everytime if your M is under 100, at least I do
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  6. He doesn't have KK or QQ most likely, so you need to weigh the chance that he has 7 vs the chance he has every other hand out there. I think he has AA/AK/AQ/KQ/J10 often enough that you need to get it in.
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  7. It was only 1/4 of your stack? That cannot be a key-hand in the MTT if that is just for a fourth of your stack and it surely shouldn't put you on tilt.

    There are so many hands that villain is shoving there (he surely is short-stacked) that you have beat, easy call, unlucky he had 77.
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  8. re: key hand

    it was the first of a number of key hands is what i meant to say
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