1. To make a long story short, the bad beat jackpot was hit at Foxwoods this past weekend. I heard through a co-worker what happened.

    Bad Beat Jackpot was currently around $100,000 (50% to losing hand, 25% to winning hand, 25% to the rest of the table)

    Girl - had Quad 9's
    Guy - had Quad Kings

    All of the other stipulations qualified. Enough rake in the hand, used both hole cards, at least 4 players dealt into the pot.

    Well come to find out when they carded the girl, she was 20years and 10months. They had been serving her alcohol all night and no one had carded her until this point. Instead of walking away with $50,000 she walked away in handcuffs. The floor said that if this were Atlantic City the bad beat would have been nullified but they ended up paying the guy that won the hand the 25% of the bad beat jackpot for $25,000 and split the remaining $25,000 amongst the table. The girls' 50% went back into the bad beat jackpot to start all over again.

    If you were the girl, and you knew you were about to get carded - do you just stand there and let it happen or take off? Also, if you were the casino, would you pay out the other guys?
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