1. the action is 4 handed
    Late in a MTT

    blinds 1500/3000
    ante 400

    Hero is UTG with AcQh (177 672)
    Vilain is BB (23 685)
    Hero raises to 6050
    Vilain calls in the BB

    Pot: 15 200

    Flop--> 3d 6c 7c

    Vilain checks and Hero bets about 5000 into 15200
    now what do you think of that play. I m not that hero.
    The thoughts of the hero here were that he was trying to induce a shove from the vilain since this one has fold equity by shoving over his blockish bet of 5k.

    What... he thinks that vilains range for calling pre with 8BBs deep is wide ?? Even with good pot odds, when someone just flats with less than 10 bbs to me ... there is two options ; 1) the guy is a button clicker or 2) he has a monster (more often).
    Eventhought he has a big stack, why does hero even wants to induce there in such a bad spot with only 6 outs?
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  2. I think it's pretty bad because the villain will just flat with Ace high, maybe King high and all pocket pairs. Any time he shoves he has pocket pairs or a set. Surely if anything he'd have been better just jamming on the flop because villain only has about that much left.
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  3. IMO villain should never flat. It's a fold or shove spot. He should have 3-bet shove already pre.
    Especially given the fact that he had pocket 10..

    but I agree it is pretty bad to induce..
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  4. Why would he never flat? You're not repping a 367, you're cbetting all your air so Ace high could easily be good. Just because he should of doesn't mean he's going to.
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  5. huummm let me think...maybe because he's on a move 8BBs deep and calling here is not as optimal as shoving or folding
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  6. I don't like the 5,000 at all. What does it accomplish? And yes, you have to call getting nearly 3:1 odds when villain shoves, so that decision must be made before putting in the 5,000.

    I just put him in on the flop and take it down without a showdown, but that's my style. There is enough in the pot already.
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  7. This hand was played extremely poorly by both the hero and villain. Pre flop raise is fine but he should either be checking behind or putting the villain all in on the flop depending on his read. Betting 5k to induce a shove really makes no sense because the villain isn't shoving worse.
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  8. yeah I know and I thought that maybe the Villain was doing a stop & go by just calling pre which is fine, but when he checks on the flop... really bad IMO
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