1. So I have a lot of problems with knowing when to c-bet on different board textures, that is primarily on flops since a lot of action happens there. My idea to approach this problem is to watch and read tons of poker videos/books and write down the different boards they analyse and when I play then I can recognize the bet patterns etc. Is this a waste of time or how can I plug my leaks? When I c-bet then I usually bet on turn but get minraised and it really annoys me and I start to spew away my chips. Maybe I should play tighter but I can't resist the cute suited connectors and punish the limpers!!
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  2. It really depends what stakes you are playing and who you are cbetting into. If you are playing micro stakes don't expect players to fold much. Same would go for live 1/2. If you have a hud you can see how loose your opponents are and if you can expect them to fold much or just call down anything they hit. It's pointless to keep betting into calling stations with air. Just play as small as you can and value them when you hit. It's always been said that it's wrong to limp but in a limpy weak game full of calling stations I like to limp along my suited connectors and medium strength hands as well. They wont fold anyway and you can still get paid off well when you do connect. I try not to cbet air into these kind of players. Against tighter competition you can raise to isolate and win with a cbet. Make sure you are in position when doing this. You also have to recognize how often you are doing this and if you are playing too loose, causing opponents to call you down or float the flop and raise your turn bets.

    Of course studying what good players are doing is a good idea. Just keep in mind your table dynamics and if bluffing is even an option.
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  3. Board youre most likely to cbet is Axx or Kxx. Then high card boards QJ5. Then TTx so paired boards. After this two tone boards JhTh5d. Connected boards like 89T and monotone boards. Also lowboards like 356 are bad to bet on.
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