1. And I have a rebuy problem...

    That is all

    TY for listening

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  2. LOL--- Thats Great!!!
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  3. Hi bel0w!

    My name is gbmantis, and I also have a rebuy problem..
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  5. bel0w, i'm glad you're speaking up on a very important and sensitive issue. for a long time i have felt ashamed of my participation in rebuys. i've often wondered if i had a problem. i was hiding it from my family and friends when i rebought. but now that someone as highly respected as yourself has taken initiative, i too can admit that i suffer from rebuy addiction.

    thank god for your bravery, and may this only serve to draw attention to this serious problem plauging the poker community.
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  6. Come sit and my $3 rebuy table sometime and fund the table Bel0w. It would be a great venting session for you.
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  7. Everyone's always blamin some sort of problem on addiciton, i'm addicted to crack, i'm addicted to sleepin with the neighbors wife....whatever the problem....people blame an addiction rather then their own responsiblity of ownership. I am tired of this and am taking the Dr. Phil approach. Suck it up and deal with it

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  8. The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem....wtg, you've taken the 1st step. I see big things in your future.
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  9. i also have a rebuy promblem, but i dont have the bakroll to fund it =(
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  10. Lol...

    Hello , i was named Crazy Cypriot because of my rebuy problem! i m glad that i am able to speak about it
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  11. just when i think i have it under control, i play party's nightly rebuy and have a relapse.
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  12. Hello, my name is jbird75, and I run worse than fucking Forest Gump.
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  13. I don't have a problem. I rebuy 12-18 double rebuys, lose, go broke, no problem.
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  14. I am curious... this rebuy problem some of you speak of...

    Stat's wise (ROI%): are rebuys good compared to freeze outs for you REBUY junkies? Is the ITM% better but over all ROI slightly worse? better? how big of a smaple set is needed to tell with any degree of accuracy?

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  15. I'll see you at the RBA meeting tonight at 8:00PM. Recovery is in your future now that you have admitted your problem.

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  16. I BeL0wnage.
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  17. jbird,,,,,,,,,uh, forrest gump ran quite well after he got the leg braces off.

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  18. and below, I warned you not to buy this keyboard

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  19. How About Poker Ho, 11 rebuys in the Stars $109 at 2:15pm today..

    Is he at the Mayo Clinic, receiving treatment ?
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  20. he probably stopped rebuying due to his mom hitting him over the head with a beer bottle.
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  21. LOL. Good point. I run as bad as a YOUNG Forrest. I'm still waiting to get my leg braces off.
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  22. After careful consideration of your's and other top players rebuy problem's, I have decided to implement a Rebuyer's Anonymous Hotline w/Guaranteed Results*.

    Simply Call - 1 - 900 - REBUYAA and enter your credit card #. Initial Buy In is $1000 (plus .99 a minute), with an immediate rebuy needed of $1000 to double your chances at success (and get rid of my voice singing Don't Worry Be Happy)

    After 30 mins listening to warm soothing Metallica, your initial double buyin will be exhausted, to make your life easier, we have implemented our automatic double rebuy option for you.

    After 1 hour of intense therapy, the last 30 mins spent listening to Clonie Gowen discussing rebuy's (material copied from various internet sources), your buyin's will be exhausted again, instead of a standard addon, you will automatically be charged for a triple add on for another $1000 each. This will give you the ability to listen to Don't Worry Be Happy (sung by me), Metallica, or a repeat of Clonie's lecture, you will also gain access to a SPECIAL member's area, where you can hear Doyle Brunson singing - Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. Once a month you will be charged another $1000 for continued access to these fine quality help topics

    These tried and true methods are GUARANTEED* to break you of your Rebuy habits. And at a low, low cost to you. DON"T WAIT -- CALL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you'd like a trial sample, simply transfer $50 on stars to my username above, for a 10 second clip of "Don't Worry Be Happy"

    *Our Guarantee -- If the above methods fail to break you of your rebuy habits after a period of 10 yrs, we will refund you 1/10 of 1% of your initial $1000 buy in!!!!! WOW Best guarantee in the industry.
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  23. lmao
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  24. i think bel0w's keyboard is 1/3 rebuy keys, 1/3 suck out keys, 1/3 hold keys ;)
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  25. You know you have a rebuy problem if:

    The more your opponent bets--the more likely you are to call !!!!
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  26. ^lmao.
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  27. I've recently started playing rebuys much more conservitivly and it's been pretty effective for me. I've been gettin deep in a lot of rebuys and only spending maybe $40 in a 10 rebuy or 12 in $2 rebuy,ec t
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  29. i spent plus 40 tonight in the 3 rebuy and didnt make it to break bc i was so pissed
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