1. I played in a home game tourney tonight and wanted to get some insight on a hand.

    There were 40 people in this $25 event, and there were about 25 people left when this hand came up. I must preface this with the fact that this is one of the most poorly structured tourneys in the history of poker and the blinds escalate so quickly that if you don't have a huge stack by the time the third blind level rolls around you are through.

    I had the second biggest stack at my table with about 900 chips. The big stack was immediately to my right. I'm in the small blind (20) and the short stack with about 250 chips was in the BB (40). Everyone folds to the big stack, who limps. I look down to find AQs and raise to 275 to put the short stack all in. The short stack folds and the big stack thinks for about a minute and then says "Fuck it, I'm all in."

    My initial thought was that he had a mid PP. If I fold, I leave myself with about 600 chips and the blinds are about to go up to 40-80. If I call and win I'm in a great position. What do you do??
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  2. was he a tight/solid player? if he is then id fold that, especially after the "Fuck it, im all in." comment. if he was a looser player it would be a tough decision. it would all depend on what i saw from him throuhgout the tourny.
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  3. I've played with him many times before. I would say that he's an OK player, fairly tight.
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  4. then i would definitly fold there. your basically dominated or in a race situation. you could pick a better spot to get oyur money in as alot bigger favorite.
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  5. Thats an easy one, you say "fuck it, I call", Who gives a shit? Its a poorly run tournament, you need chips to compete, hes already committed all of them...Its a race, and you get to come home and tell a good story to pocketfives.....

    I call that all day long in a tournament like that. What more are you waiting for?
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  6. ^^^ding
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  7. OK, here's what happened.

    I called, he flips over 99 (exactly what I was thinking he had) and I go out when I don't catch.

    Even though I made him for a middle pocket pair and even though I got knocked out I still think it was the right move here. To fold and be down to 600 chips with the blinds approaching 40-80 I thought my chances were best in taking a 52-48 race situation.

    Oh well. Thanks for the insight.
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