1. This happened twice in the last few days on WPN. A player has been sitting out for a while. As he becomes the BB with less than 2 full bb's (while still sitting out). If players limp to him , it automatically shoes his remaining chips in the pot and gives him a chance to win the pot. How is that not a Check?

    I can understand if he has 1 BB or less - but putting additional chips in for him seems ridiculous.
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  2. No idea.
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  3. I play on this site a lot, sometimes the software doesnt recognize after a player has sat back in so it says he is "inactive" whne he in fact has sat back in (WPN uses "inactive" to display when someone is sitting out, they do not use the phrase "sitting out', or "sitting-out" as you wrote).

    However there is a player whos screen name is Sitting Out, so make sure your not getting confused. The "inactive" status should replace where the players chip count is not where his screen name is displayed.

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