1. im trying to figure out how much at each table i should buy in....like say i had like fox said 550 big bets for 2/4 Limit holdem....i wanna play 4 tables....should i buy in for 137.5 BB at each table....or just 100 BB...like im not quite sure how i should do this....i was wondering if any knows the correct buy-in for each game like 1/2, 2/4. 3/6 and such??/

    thanks for the help!

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  2. 15-20 big bets should be enough to get started.
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  3. I don't think it really matters if you buy in for a lot at a limit table---you're still restricted in how much you can lose on a single bet. I would avoid ever having an amount on the table that could end up all in on a hand in limit, so buy in for as much as possible. If you find you're losing too much, just get out of the game.
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  4. thanks adam...thats a big help.....now i will be able to bankroll manage better then i have been...

    i use to buy in for like 10-20 BB....never good, because sometimes i had to rebuy two or three times...

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