1. Hey Guys- Just trying to learn a little more. Whats the strategy to playing with the short stack in smaller tounraments. do you constantly go all in or do you taker your time and wait for the monster hand.
    thanks ocon6702
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  2. Unless the pot has been raised by a reliable player (or reraised), move all in w/ any ace, any 2 face cards, any 2 suited connectors, any PP. If youre in later position and its a tight table, you can pick some more hands too.
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  3. Hey Ocon, if you provide us with more specific situations everyone will be able to give their advice a little better. Knowing the blinds, avg stack, your stack, the type of players, etc. will allow everyone to give more useful information.

    The most general advice for the shortstack is to pick your hand and go with it - the quality of the hand you pick should be based on the factors above. Try to be the first one into the pot unless your hand is a monster.
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  4. It really does depend alot on position. Who are the aggressors etc. My theory is if there are 10k in chips on the table and you're down to 300 you can still buy pots in position. (depending on the blinds) A good player will not call you with 2nd pair unless the pot odds dictate a call. So as long as you have enough to dictate the odds you're really not that short stacked. (Unless you're playing small $ games w/ inexperienced players...then you might get that call) If that is the case then I'd have to agree w/ the other poster...any PP, any big ace (not any ace), any suited ace, KQ, KJ, QJ or 10 J...might as well take a shot. The bottom line is...you should never be short stacked early in a mini. I see players raising 200 w 10-20 blinds and getting 2 callers all the time. To call 10x the blinds you need 1 of 3 hands imo...aa, kk, qq. Wait til the odds offer favorable odds to risk chips and you should be fine. Let the bad players eliminate themselves early and take your chances a little later. Good luck!
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  5. I agree with DJC 100% about not getting short. Just don't take chances early in sit-n-gos. Play extremely tight. That is, play AK, AA, KK, or QQ. Other than that, play any pair if it's not costing you more than 7-8% of your chips, just to try and hit a set and win a big pot. It's easy to make the money in sit-n-gos because you don't really have to take chances to get there. You just need to not get extremely unlucky (KK going against AA or taking a real bad beat). Once the blinds get bigger (50-100 on UB, 75-150 on stars), and particularly when it's 5-handed or less, turn up the aggression bigtime with anything remotely "playable." People are afraid to bust out on the bubble. Steal blinds and get out if someone shows strength unless you have a big hand. Once it's down to 5, I raise if i'm first in the pot with any two cards 10 or higher, any ace, or any pair. I will only raise to like 275 if the big blind is 100 (or 375 if it's 150, etc)...not even 3x the blind, but more than 2x. This works almost all the time.
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  6. Thanks for all the insightful information. Sounds like i was being passive in tournaments when i needed to be aggressive and vise versa. Thanks to all who took the time to respond.
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