How to improve skill ?
  1. I think that Improve concentration

    Focus, focus, focus. One of the biggest problems poker players face, regardless of experience is concentration. Here, we suggest ways to help you build up your mental strength and improve endurance.
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  2. Improve focus:

    - Make it a challenge, find motivation.

    My focus was the best when I tried some new thing and I was excited whether it was working.
    I played higher stakes, and I was focused again. I was constantly writing notes on my opponents, therefore I could stay in the zone.
    If I play for big prize, I'm also more motivated.

    - If you feel bored add some tables or turn on music

    If somebody feels bored and plays too few tables, then it's more likely that he/she will have a harder time to let go of his/her hands (due to game pressure) and this can result in bad bluffs or hero calls.

    - Eating foods that easy to digest. Don't eat sugar, unless you feel tired then it helps in the short term.

    - Exercise

    Any sport or exercise is good to improve your focus. You'll feel more energetic, balanced.

    - Sex

    Your body will produce endorphin, which helps to put you in a better mood and you'll release stress.
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