1. Ok, I know the title sounds crazy and unbelivable but it was done. Not many people knew about this but one of the few people i told was Jsup.

    The story starts ages ago, i was a low limit player with terrible BR management, So one day when i was down to my last $11 on UB i decided "screw it, double or nothing" So i decided to play a $10 +.50 HU, i lost that and was broke but due to being annoyed i still clicked yes when it asked me for a rematch, i guess he accepted to because my screen just kinda froze with nothing happening, he was sitting there with 3000 in chips and me with 0. I thought nothing of it so i decided to just close the window, I then went to my account page and saw i had $11 in my account instead of the expected 50c. I checked my transaction history and saw:

    <TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=left>xx/xx/xx xx:xx:xx PM</TD><TD align=left>SNG-Buyin</TD><TD></TD><TD align=middle>$10.00</TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD align=left>xx/xx/xx xx:xx:xx PM</TD><TD align=left>SNG-Buyin</TD><TD></TD><TD align=middle>$0.50</TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD align=left>xx/xx/xx xx:xx:xx PM</TD><TD align=left>SNG-Buyin</TD><TD></TD><TD align=middle>-$10.00</TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD align=left>xx/xx/xx xx:xx:xx PM</TD><TD align=left>SNG-Buyin</TD><TD></TD><TD align=middle>-$0.50</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    I decided to just shrug it off as a once of and decided not to think much about it.

    A few weeks later it popped up in my mind and i wondered if it was just a once off or something that actually happened on a regular basis. So I transfered of $11 into a seperate account and done excatly what i did last time, i worked it up to $50 and lost the HU but i managed to get a rematch so when i left the table i got my buy in back. Then i played another HU and this time i lost but i didnt get a rematch and tried the rematch but it just told me the other player declined a rematch and i didnt get my buy in back.

    Then i left it for a while again because it wasnt worth the risk just incase someone didnt rematch if i lost so it wasnt a good way to build an easy roll. Then as I was in my living room with my lady my uncle comes in and says, "You know that poker thing, with the heads up and you being worried about you not getting a rematch, why dont you play nicola heads up then you'll be sure to get a rematch everytime and get your buy in back plus the winner will have the winnings"

    So, it began. We had 3 accounts, my one, Nicolas account and a seperate account for our winnings. Me and Nicola both decided to have about $55 in both our accounts and challeneged each other to a HU for $50. After we brought in this left us with $2.50 in our accounts, after one of us won the loser would ask for a rematch and the winner would accept, then we would both leave the table. The winners account would have $100 in and the losers account would get thier buy in back and therefore have $50 in his account again so we would have made a free $50.

    After doing this for a while we slowly moved up the limits, till finally we were playing $5,000 HU and making $5,000 profit in 10 minutes from the site and its flaw. I also decided to let a few friends in on this secret and told them the key and whenever we were low on cash, we'd go and play a $5,000 HU and then have $2,500 each extra for free.

    Ub finally caught on one day and decided to shut down everyone who was involved accounts down. I had about $60,000 in my account (from the $600 i started off with 2 weeks before) Nicola had about $30,000 in hers. Another friend said he and his friend managed to get thier account up to $100,000 and then the other guy involved had about $25,000 in his. UB emailed us all to tell us our accounts were currently under investigation and then told us theyd need to call each of us, none of my friends decided to hand out thier phone number but i did. I spoke to Tommy, the UB customer services manager and he explained to me that they found out about the flaw in the heads up system that we had exploited. Not much happened after that, our accounts all remain permantly closed.

    Just thought id share with you how UB the multi-million company got owned by some 18 year old kids. BTW dont try this bcause theyve fixed the flaw.
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  2. so you have nothing to show for it? weaksauce...
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  3. What do you mean?
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  4. I wonder if Jsup will mind having his name linked to this, and that he knew about it while it was going on.
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  5. No, he knew after the accounts were shut down
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  6. FYP


    How me and a few friends got caught stealing $200,000 from UB
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  7. Why in the world didn't you withdraw?!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. I managed to withdraw $6,000

    I think when i tried to withdraw $42,000, thats when they kinda caught on.
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  9. thats a good story either way, but wayyyyyyyyyy better if you actually cashed out money, did you do that or were you busted too soon?
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  10. Ah, but man, you should have staggered the cashouts 5K a peice or something, thats really cool though.
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  11. Like i said i got $6,000 but i think he $42,000 that i tried to cash out set alarm bells of in thier security checks that they do when you try and cash out for that much
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  12. Yeh, I know i thought about now. I thought if only when one of us won the heads up we shoulda just cashed out the $5k we won and then do it again in a week.
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  13. Wow that puts my "Halloween in July" to shame. When i was a kid we went on vacation somewhere. Anyway, at the hotel I go down to the candy machine put in my $.50 for a 3 Musketeers and out comes the 3 Musketeers and my $.50. Cool. I try it again..bingo! Straight back to the room 4 the duffle bag! GG candy machine.

    GG chemist.
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  14. haha gg candy machine. I agree :)
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  15. (1) if this was true.... you would be a MORON for not cashing out a little bit at a time

    (2) UB would almost certainly file a lawsuit. JAIL=GG

    (3) I have almost never seen the 5K HU run-certainly not on a regular basis

    good story though
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  16. Would you like some proof Jeff?

    Lol, UB file a lawsuit? What excatly would they charge me with? Im no lawyer but i do believe i didnt break any laws, espically as it was the companys fault and it was a flaw which was they left in thier system which i exploited. Also im sure the fact of them being in costa rica makes it a little difficult for them to press charges.

    Like I said, proof is available if you want.

    I played the 5k Heads up during the last weeks of August. Nice to know you're constantly watching the "In Progress" tab though on UB, must be fun
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  17. I always watch the 5K HU matches on stars and UB, and most of the big cash games on the net, unless I already have over 6 tables up. It is how I learn the tendencies of the best players. I do someday hope to play them, and when I do I want to be prepared.

    BTW, I have watched enough of the high stakes games on Prima to know that some of the players(Swedes? Scandinavians?) almost certainly switch screennames with each other.

    Back to your story.

    If it really is true... that is very amazing.
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  18. Thanks, pahtcat, I just spit Coke on my screen. GG candy machine. F'ing hilarious!!!

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  19. It probably needed cleaned anyway, glad i could help... :p
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  20. Well, if this story is true, then kudos to you , Chemist, for sticking it to the man.....
    And if the story is actually true, then good luck in defending the man( and your future cell mate, and the entire prison population) from sticking it to you.

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  21. Candy Machine haha good story
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  22. dude. chemist, i had a screen name ghettocrib and i did the same exact thing, except me and a friend did the games all day and made about 80k a day, i took out all the time though, wasnt as dumb as you, and to all you who think it is a law suit, theres no way because it is the companies problem, if anyone should be filing a law suit it is me for them shutting my acct down due to a problem they had. I played 50-100 knowing i could take risks...was the best thing ever
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  23. not sure why the little degenerate mentioned my name....here is how i am involved....i win my 2nd aruba package the week before the deadline to sell it and a few friends tell me some 18 year old from england wants to buy it for 8k, which was more then anyone else was offerering, so i tell a friend to give him my AIM so we can talk....it all sounds fishy from me off the bat because the kid says he will buy it for 8k and wants to send me 20k that i can bring to aruba to give him in cash....he said it had something to do with taxes in england or something like that....i asked him to go into a table on UB and put 20k on the table so i could see that he had the money...he then proceeded to play 50-100 and give away money like i have never seen....calling 3k reraises preflop with 72 off out of position....it all seemed fishy to me...a friend then told me that the kid had scammed UB for a lot of money so i told the kid that i wasnt interested in selling him my extra aruba package...the fucker almost made me miss the the deadline to sell the package but thankfully a man by the name of beanie found me someone to sell it to the day of the deadline....i had no idea until after the degenerates got caught and was in no way a part of their scheme....i prefer to steamroll bitches to win my money rather then have to scam innocent people...thanks for mentioning me in the post though scumbucket...oh by the way....because im a clever motherfucker and didnt trust the kid from the beginning, i have some of our AIM conversations saved....maybe i should post them...gg gl smfc ema and have a nice day
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  24. All I can say is.....selfish people ruin good things for everyone. If this is true, UB obviously had a problem, which is now fixed. But stealing is stealing, period. It doesn't matter whether you do it from a multi-million dollar corporation or a middle class family, you're still taking something from someone that you're not entitled to. We're all lucky you and people like you aren't/weren't able to steal more....could have ruined the whole industry for all of us.
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  25. Interesting story....would you pick up a stack of $100 bills accidently left on the counter of a store you visited too, then claim the loser deserved it?
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  26. let me on ub, correct me if im wrong but arent you associated with "pepsicherry" Cos i know him.
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  27. so as the title says, how we stole.....$$$. Even though it was a flaw in their system you still knew you were basically stealing from them. Period. But in any event, that is some crazy shit. Would be nice if you actually thought about withdrawing small amounts once in a while and didn't get so greedy and play that high of a stake game.
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  28. I know for a fact that this story is true. I was also aware of this bug and told a couple people about it while I was in Aruba this year well after the bug had been fixed. I did not take advantage of this bug and contemplated for a long time telling UB about it.
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  29. chemist YSSCKY
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  30. why would you not tell UB

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