1. Am I the only one that thinks these guys have a chance in court? I heard on a radio show that one of the attorneys that is representing these guys helped draft the UIGEA. Talk about a hyporcite there.

    These guys have the resources to fight this all the way to the top, and with all things considered, I think they have a strong case.

    I remember calling the Bluff radio show during the WSOP this year, trying to encourage the hosts to talk more about the bill in the House. I was hoping to light a match under the poker public, so that they may write their congress men and women. The hosts just explained to me that there was no way for this bill to pass. It would outrage too many voters.

    I think we have learned that our government is capable of almost anything. They count on Americans being passive, moving on to the next hottest topic. I have even noticed a decline in Neteller articles in the last week. I believe there should be an increase in articles making the public more aware. They are scheduled to appear in court in less than 10 days. (That is less time than a Bodog "check by courier")

    I wish I felt better about the PPA. I am not aware of any new efforts they are making. It is all really frustrating.
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  2. I'm not convinced things like this go to trial very often.
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  3. I agree 85-15 says it never goes to trial.
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  4. Do you think this is settled out of court? These guys do not need to settle for one day in jail. They did not violate any laws in the country that their business was located in. We have overstepped our boundaries.
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  5. and in typical if-then logic,

    maybe the "evidence" will be released and we can get out money out? maybe?
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  6. I got badbeat for all my money in neteller. I feel as though I already lost the money.
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  7. It really all depends on how much they want the US business back and how much they are willing to risk (both financially and risk of being imprisoned) in order to get it. Remember you are talking about A LOT of money, there have been quite a few people who have risked a lot more for a lot less. IMO, the kneejerk reaction to blocking US customers was more likely to do with the legal side (they want to see if they can get it overturned before they put themselves in any more risk) more so than not being interested in the US market. I really dont think they give a rats ass about the poker playing public, but we do represent a lot of money (we are worth a lot more to Neteller than we are to PPA). Screw the PPA, if you want anybody to fight for us in this country, it's going to be somebody with a vested interest. Neteller left tons of money on the table in mid Jan, and I think they are going to come for it...
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  8. I have a very small amouont of money tied up with Neteller so I dont feel the pain some of you do. However, I have written that money off - If I someday get it back then it will be a bonus but I can't envision any scenario where that happens soon.
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  9. For the record, the UIGEA has nothing to do with the trial since these men were arrested for things that occured before the bill even passed. They'll reach some kind of settlement. Otherwise they're going down.
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  10. <SPAN>No trial, no way, no how.

    These guys will pay their tab and walk (as they should) and we will all get our money (as we should).

    The DOJ is way out of line and they know it.

    If they were to go to trial and be exposed to some actual jurisprudence they could be forced by the courts to stop their threatening, bullying, and harassment. They won't risk it.

    The DOJ is waging a war of intimidation. In a real fight, in a real court, they would lose, and be exposed and n<SPAN>eutered (as bullies so often are in real fights).</SPAN>

    A trial would be the best thing for all of us but it's not going to happen. </SPAN>
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  11. It is a matter of incentive. Fortunately for us all, the DOJ has given two very wealthy men the incentive (stay out of prison) to pay for the best lawyers to fight this in court. I personally think when the DOJ understands they are going to lose this battle in court there will be a negotiated settlement. Too bad really because a court case would ultimately be best.
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  12. The DOJ doesn't want a court trial. They just want to cost them dearly as a lesson to others who won't bow to the will of the almighty imperial empire.
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  13. Agreed, although there is a lot of money at stake here, and the DOJ probably wants to develop some case law for future use.

    Legally, the money laundering charges are big trouble for these guys. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they try to cut a deal.
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