1. Just won the 109 turbo (8:30) and feel great

    couple of observations

    started playing three years ago In 4 months time won the 150 (not the 100,000 guaranteed yet) less than a year later made a deal at the 320 for about 28000.00 finished third after deal

    thought I was pretty good

    well now I am so much better than I was then, playing, studying, understanding position etc

    but no wins (except on bodog where the only win that counts is the Sunday major) until tonight. obviously so much more info on the game, less dead wood etc.

    I love the game The point I am trying to make is......if you are lucky enough to win something big very early in your poker life, don't fool yourself into thinking you are good.

    Just keep playing, learning, making good table selections and evaluate your play based on your play, not the results. read and take lessons as well.

    I hope I follow my own advice and realize I may still suck despite my 8100 dollar win tonite

    I am probably a lot older than most of you (48) and have my own successful business, fortunately, so I am trying to put some perspective on the orgasm of winning an MTT
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  2. [ ] humble
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  3. Congrats, I know exactly what your saying. Just because you luckbox win doesn't mean you should start registering for 109r every night. I had/have that problem
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  4. Very inspiring OP. Congrats, chamlight! Keep the $$$ coming!
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