1. If I am within my limits I am above avg. in sng's and cash games small nl buy ins $60 and under for sngs and 1-2 nl. My problem is i see the 100 rebuy or 200 rebuy and I am "feeling lucky" I donk off a couple hundred or 1 or 2k. I then proceed to the 300-500 sngs to blow off some steam or if my current bankroll is to small the 20 and under sng's. My sharkscope is horrible becuase of these tilt sessions.

    MTT's for me are an addiction I see the 50k plus for 1st place and I want to register. i am registered with pxf so i read fox's bankroll building articles but what else are you winning poker players doing?

    My question is how do you guys set goals and what rewards to you offer yourself for sticking to them. Do keeping track of wins help if so how do you keep track. What programs do you use.

    keep in mind I am not a professional gambler. i have agreat job that pays my bills and then some. Poker is a relaxation tool for me but I would be happier as a break even player. Help please any suggestions are really appreciayed.
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  2. "We're" having some self-control is what we're doing. You ask for help...but you already know what to do. So do it.

    Keeping a detailed spreadsheet of wins & losses, profit & loss, is a good idea for anyone playing poker. Don't rely on Sharkscope or OPR, unless you're massively multi-tabling and can't keep track as the games are finishing because you have 15 other tables open. Do it yourself, and the dollars will be far more concrete.
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  3. I was doing the same thing not as high but foe me it was. I then took some money went to pokerxfactor and tryed to learn how to play it helped!! Try a training site to better your game. If that doesnt help than get some..
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  4. Woods, he already says he's a PXF member. This isn't about a training site, or a book, or anything related to poker skill.

    It's about someone who claims he doesn't want to lose money, but keeps putting himself in situations where he's losing money. So don't do it any more. Problem solved.
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  5. Ya your right seems like he needs help.
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  6. Something that worked for me to develop discipline in terms of bankroll management: stop depositing. If you've played a ton of high level SNGs and tourneys then you'll likely have a large amount of FTPs/FPPs.

    Last time I cleaned my account out, I started with the 1800FTP sats where top 3 get a $26 token. If you have 10K+ points you should easily be able to rack up a few hundred which you can then channel into some $26 tourneys or SNGs. This way, instead of having the feeling that you can readily redeposit, you'll need to focus on building up your fledgling account.
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  7. automatically when u want to sign up for the too high of buy ins u need to tell yourself to go to www.(insert porn site here).com and then jerk off instead. it will save u money.
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  8. PM Cornell Fuji
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  9. Sigh my problem is I am a good multitasker. But I did stick to $60 and under sng's las t night and made a $300 profit in 7 hours. If only every night I can quit my day job. Sell my car and never leave my house thus do my part to save the environment.
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  10. LOL @ multi-tasking porn and poker
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  11. I have exactly the same problem. I play $20 6-handed SNG's @ FTP with great success but I have a terrible time resisting the 24+2 Tourney's. What I do to try to limit myself is to only my regular SNG's but for example I will say...ok I am going to play these until I have $1,100 in my account (from like 200-300) This will probably take me between 1-3 days to complete. After I have accomplished that I take the extra $100 past the $1000 and play $6.50 heads up shootouts with the winner getting a 26 dollar sat token. I sit down one day and spend all $100 on nothing but those. It works for me because I can then take whatever I win, usually between 6-10 and save them for when i feel that urge.
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  12. If you're in the "feeling lucky" mindframe in rebuys you should really play $3 rebuys until you prove to yourself you can make profit. $100r is an expensive way to steam off, and the high ranked players who play these will quickly see what you're doing.
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  13. I think this is something a lot of us poker players have a problem with. It doesnt just apply to poker. I mean how many guys out there are spinning wheels because they cant stay away from the tables or the sportsbook. personally i fight this almost every day. Having to grind at low limits yet again to REbuild... I have had 100k score, 3 sunday mil FTs, and two UB sunday FTs, in limited tournament schedule. I just cant seem to keep the discipline it takes to STAY successful. This is just another difference in the top tier players and us mid stakes grinders. Self disclipline. Some of us just want it too fast. sigh
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  14. There is no magic pill for disipline. What's worse is, you will always here that story of the guy that took a crack, won the 50k, and then parlayed that into a successful online poker career. What you don't hear about are the thousands of people that took the same path, and they ended up losing money.

    Keeping a detailed spreadsheet, showing how you lose money on these "shots", and you win otherwise might help. Instead of viewing it as I can be up 50K, look at it, do I want to be down $500 when my AA gets cracked by 10-9 (no one does, but I'm guessing you'll feel worse by this than someone bankrolled to play in the events)?

    First off, do you want to be disiplined? Ok, I know you want to, but are you willing to work for it? Are you willing to forego pleasure to get there (hey, it's fun to play in big events)? You have to answer yes to this. If you don't, then you can't be fixed (and if you can afford the losses, then it isn't anything to worry about...if you can't, time to call GA).

    Assuming you do, my thought might be to ween yourself off of the bigger events slowly. Play within your bankroll, and maybe allow yourself, once a week or so, to try and sattilite into a big event. If you get in, great. If you don't, then you can't play it. This might give you the thrill on a much cheaper loss.
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  15. no you're not
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  16. i do the exact same shit. im always good at building rolls but i somehow always blow them, mostly playing cash games way outside my means. ive gotten to the point where i have to send my roll to a friend and in reality, back myself.
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  17. well obviously by now you should realize that feeling lucky isnt a good sign that you are going to have a good day
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