1. <SPAN>K iOops... signed in as the wrong name?!?! LOL OMG!!!

    Anyway, read my in-depth deep thinking article about the power on the continuation bet!!!


    Most of you nubs probably won't know what that is. I will explain.

    Say that you RAISE IT UP cause your cards are sooted. Winning play first off, second off, winning play.

    OK you were in the BIG BLIND so you are first to act after the flop and you are still clicking that little mousey so fast and hard (because you were s0000000ted) with a grin from ear to ear.

    ANYWAY, because you were still clicking that little guy you accidentaly bet the minimum on the flop because you were just too excited!!!

    OK so you get called? No worries.. keep that index finger going grasshopper, FAST IS KEY


    That should be the speed.

    That is all for now.

    Take a day off and think about what I just taught.</SPAN>
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  2. First off, winning play, second off, winning play...

    GG bladder I have to pee now.
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  3. HAHAHHAHAAH i was cracking up laughing at that first off, second off line.
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  4. click CLICK clickity click!

    Fast is KEY grasshopper!

    Nice job at the FT Hems!
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  5. I knew it was you BigHems. Thanks for coming clean.
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