1. I am going to give you system for making money on MTTs that is GOING TO WORK. This is how I improved my MTT game and made FT after FT.....hope this helps others...I wrote this myself

    Improving your MTT game: an article for mediocre players who want to get good!

    Before I found this site, I considered myself to be a relatively good online poker player.<SPAN> </SPAN>I routinely made it about halfway through big tourneys, but never cashed and certainly never won any of them.<SPAN> </SPAN>I just assumed that it was bad luck.<SPAN> </SPAN>After reading this site and seeing that people can actually cash on a regular basis, I realized that I was not as good as I thought I was.<SPAN> </SPAN>I set about creating a plan for getting better.<SPAN> </SPAN>In the last month I have made 5 final tables.<SPAN> </SPAN>People were actually commenting about my play at the tables.<SPAN> </SPAN>They were saying things like “Super, nice play...whos standing in for you?” and “Super, nice chip stack, is it really you?”<SPAN> </SPAN>It is really me, my friends…and I love it.<SPAN> </SPAN>So, I decided that I would share my 5 secrets for MTT success with all of you.

    #1: Tighten up- Early on in tournaments, you really should play tight.<SPAN> </SPAN>There is really just no point in being loose.<SPAN> </SPAN>Lets say you call in late position with 9-7 suited with the blinds at 5-10.<SPAN> </SPAN>The flop comes 9-7-J.<SPAN> </SPAN>You bet, get called…turn is a 2.<SPAN> </SPAN>You bet, the other guy folds and you win 60 chips.<SPAN> </SPAN>WHO CARES?<SPAN> </SPAN>You start with 1500 or 2500, 60 means nothing!!<SPAN> </SPAN>And sometimes, you’re going to bust when that other guy hits his trip deuces on the turn!<SPAN> </SPAN>At the beginning stage of the tourneys, the chips you DON’T lose are worth more than the small amount of chips you could win.<SPAN> </SPAN>Also, build a pot with your big hands.<SPAN> </SPAN>If you pick up KK when the blinds are 5-10, make it 50 to go.<SPAN> </SPAN>Someone with A-Q, or lower pocket pairs is probably going to call you.<SPAN> </SPAN>Now you have a pot worth playing for.<SPAN> </SPAN>

    #2: Make Good Laydowns- I don’t mind taking stabs here and there, but don’t be afraid to laydown if you think you are beat.<SPAN> </SPAN>If you have KK and the flop is A-5-9 and you bet and someone raises…lay it down.<SPAN> </SPAN>I know its hard, but lay it down.<SPAN> </SPAN>Do NOT play trouble hands like A-9, K-10 or the like, fold those hands preflop.<SPAN> </SPAN>Another big point here is not to overvalue top pair.<SPAN> </SPAN>Say you have A-10 in the BB and the flop comes 10-5-7 and you bet the pot.<SPAN> </SPAN>Your bet gets raised or maybe there is even a reraise…your top pair is likely no good, dump it.<SPAN> </SPAN>Also, youre gut will tell you a lot.<SPAN> </SPAN>We have all just “felt like we’re beat” even though we have a good hand.<SPAN> </SPAN>If you get that feeling, fold.<SPAN> </SPAN>You’ll suprize yourself with how many times you are right.<SPAN> </SPAN>Remember, you WILL get enough good hands in the first hour of an average tourney to accumulate a good stack without playing trouble hands.<SPAN> </SPAN>

    #3: Have Position- One of the most undervalued factors in the game, is position.<SPAN> </SPAN>Watch some of the top 10 players, see when they bluff, see when they play questionable hands (like Bax and his famous 97 suited) it is almost always when they have position.<SPAN> </SPAN>If I get hands like 22-88 or AJ when I am in early or middle position, 90% of the time I fold them.<SPAN> </SPAN>There are too many people left to act behind me.<SPAN> </SPAN>Also, don’t forget, if you are in late position and there are 3 or 4 limpers, a 3xBB raise isn’t likely to win you the pot.<SPAN> </SPAN>Say you pick up QQ on the button, but there are 4 limpers before you.<SPAN> </SPAN>The blinds are 20/40.<SPAN> </SPAN>120 is probably going to get you one or 2 callers.<SPAN> </SPAN>Try making it 200 to go, likely you will win the pot right there or be up against one caller.<SPAN> </SPAN>If you do get a caller, you have position.<SPAN> </SPAN>You have the ability to see what that player does before you put any more money into the pot.<SPAN> </SPAN>That is a HUGE advantage…use it!

    #4: Learn When to Raise-<SPAN> </SPAN>A good example is with something like J-10 suited.<SPAN> </SPAN>If I am on the button or the cutoff and it is folded around to me, I will often raise with J-10 suited.<SPAN> </SPAN>However, I would never call a raise with those cards.<SPAN> </SPAN>Learning when to raise and when to call a raise is a very important part of tournament strategy.<SPAN> </SPAN>You’ve all heard this: “You need a stronger hand to call a raise than you do to make a raise”.<SPAN> </SPAN>But many of us don’t follow that mantra.<SPAN> </SPAN>Also, unless you have a very good hand, most of your raises will be from positions 7-9.<SPAN> </SPAN>Poker should (to an extent) be boring.<SPAN> </SPAN>You should be folding most of the hands you get.<SPAN> </SPAN>

    #5: Find a Mentor- I know this is not as easy as it sounds and I have been very lucky in this regard.<SPAN> </SPAN>Find someone who is a winning player, someone who’s game you respect.<SPAN> </SPAN>And flat out, just ask them.<SPAN> </SPAN>“Hey, would you be willing to help me with my game?” Many players, especially the good ones, are very busy.<SPAN> </SPAN>So don’t be disheartened or take it personally if they say no.<SPAN> </SPAN>I asked 6 people and only got 2 responses.<SPAN> </SPAN>But you will find someone, there are a LOT of good players on this site.<SPAN> </SPAN>

    I am giving you what I never got, a guaranteed roadmap to MTT success.<SPAN> </SPAN>Follow these rules and you will improve your game, you will become a winning player.<SPAN> </SPAN>As always, I truly hope you guys found this article helpful.<SPAN> </SPAN>I get great satisfaction in knowing Ive contributed something to this community, from whom I have taken so much.<SPAN> </SPAN>GG and GL!
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  2. Good post. Do you only play MTT's now?
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  3. No, but I have seperate bankrolls...I started with 1k for cash games and 100 for tourneys (I was pretty much phasing tourneys out). I then started playing tourneys with the strategy above...in less than a month my tourney bankroll has gone from 100 to 600 with 2 final tables playing nothing over $20.
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  4. super, I was so waiting to be fooled here ........ disappointing to say the least :)

    Nice post man , good advice ..........

    Continued success
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  5. I must say, this is a very good article, Super. Good job! Did you write it? (jk)

    I always enjoy reading your posts.
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  6. Supermoves,
    I like the post. I've been playing a similar strategy lately, and my game has improved. One thing I'd like to add is concerning the standard raise from good position with cards like J10 suited.(#4) Sometimes your opponents don't do what they should: fold. Occasionally, I like to flat call from the button or the small blind with hands like that and bet at the flop; It looks like I'm trying to conceal a monster. Of course you may be risking a little more this way, but you do have a pretty good hand and you won't do it often. Again, good post man.

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  7. wow awesome post super!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. very good post super, especially for early and mid stages....i think you should continue this with your take on mid-late to late stages of a tourney, where hand values go down as the blinds become increasingly valuable, and discuss things like playing back from the BB, when you get position raised late in a tourney and the pot is already worth fighting for im sure people would love to hear your insights on the most crucial stages of the tourney(bubble and when its down to about 3 tables) this is often the most crucial stage....i of course am also available to offer mine, i posted a hand i played against scott fischman in event 3 of this years wsop a while back which relates to this.....good points tho man gl at the tables and as always..

    Keep Floppin Aces

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  9. awesome post buddy....

    Nobody is paying you to come on this site and share your insight, but yet you still do it, and that shows a lot about your charachter.

    Great Article

    And even a better person. Thanks
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  10. I will write one for late stage tourney play very soon...as soon as I become good at it...haha...my last 3 FT I got 1st, 5th and 5th...haha!
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  11. Thanks Mug, thats one of the nicest replys Ive ever gotten....it means a lot!
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  12. Supermoves, not sure what the goal of this is but I guess my take is that it would be pretty cool to develop a nice comprehensive article here, since you have a great start.

    At point 4 why don't you throw in a little bit more about the Gap effect per sklansky, he covers that concept pretty well.

    Like the post, look forward to tips 6-10, Improving from ITM to Final Table and of course 11-15, Winning it all.
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  13. Excellent post. Hope to see more.
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  14. Great post, Super. I hadn't thought this through as thoroughly as you have, but last night after hitting a lot of bubbles the last couple of months, I started to incorporate and *really use* a lot of these points - which we all hear or read, but take for granted too often, I think. It's just too easy to see that QT under the gun and decide to try and have a little fun with it, or to make mediocre raises because I don't really have confidence in my hand or position - that's usually where I get hurt the worst. Anyway, I hit the FT of the UB $50 last night playing very much the way you describe here, so seeing these ideas written out in your article really helps solidify the value of these ideas to me. Well thought out and well-written - great work man - love to see more.

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  15. Great post super, thanks very much for the insight! These are the types of posts that I personally look for (how to improve my game, etc.). Please keep it up :)

    Also, I agree with PardoG that you should definitely continue on and write on mid-late to late stages.


    :) CodePhreak
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  16. Thats it? It covers the basics of trny play.. Was expecting more..
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  17. IMO too many people (including myself) try to get too fancy or try to play "tricky" poker, without first knowing the basics....work on fundamentals...this is not meant for advanced players....
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  18. no problem dude

    its true
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  19. You tease! :)
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  20. Seems like a decent baseline ABC strategy that will keep beginners out of trouble (I consider myself on the cusp between beginner and intermediate). But IMHO you are giving up substantial EV if you follow your advice too closely. Here are my specific comments:

    #1: Early in tournaments implied odds are huge. It pays to play loose in late position as long as you have the discipline to get away from a marginal board. I don't think your example with 97s makes sense.

    #3: Small and medium pairs can be played from any position on a reasonably passive table, and they won't get you into a lot of trouble on a missed flop. Because most of their value comes from flopping sets, position isn't as critical except as it relates to seeing cheap flops. Routinely folding these pairs preflop without considering the table dynamics is a big mistake.

    #4: See my comments in #1. I will sometimes call raises with hands like 76s on the button. The Gap Concept mostly applies to hands that have the greatest risk of being dominated (e.g. AQ), not hands whose implied odds far outweigh the reverse implied odds.
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  21. Stupid rule #5, just when I thought I was starting to get the other four...
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  22. Great post, supermoves. I was going to write a big post explaining the importance of looking for good spots to gamble within the conservative strategy you laid out, but burningyen saved me the trouble (and did a far better job of describing those situations than I would have). Combine supermoves' post with burningyen's and you've got a good foundation for MTT success.
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  23. Great post, Craig.

    Very well written on the basic way to start going deeper in tournaments. I'd really like to see you write about the final couple of tables, table timing, the importance of "bluffing" etc. down the road.

    Good to see you're still on top of your writing game, and giving some great insight to MTT strategy.

    Thanks again,

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  24. tighten up!?!?!? hahahhaha what is that supposed to mean.... im supposed to just play like 35% of my hands preflop!?!? lol j/k nice job compiling various different aspects of mtt's in a single article...
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  25. because you guys gave me such great feedback, in the next few days look for a "late stages of an MTT" article. Reading the feedback in this thread really reminded me of the whole reason I came to pocketfives. This community is so great. And (most of you) show great appreciation when you are helped by something Ive written. I really appreciate the kind and encouraging words...its threads like this that keep me posting here....
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  26. very nice article, tnx for taking the time to write it :)
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  27. Thanks alot Super, printing this article right now and outtin it on top of my toilet, always a good place to read and reread. Thanks again!
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  28. Great F'ing post bro.
    I am definately book marking this. Something to remind me, because I have never won an MTT. Best finish has been 3rd, so im really looking forward to reading about the late stages. I know this is simple info, i know most of this stuff, but something great to remind because i dose off alot lol.

    thanx bro, can't wait for the next one.
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  29. very, very well written, simple, to the point,...Thank you!! I agree to all, especially the "mentor" point,....my game drastically improved once i found realpokertraining, and NSXT2, and of course POCKET FIVES,...now i have too many "inspirational",...players to list,... and I am NOT inspired from them for the "most predictable" reason, because they CASH well,..but because being a student of the game, I understand (or try too :)
    how much time, effort and high cerebral thinking each player does to create a style of play that works for them.

    Keep on posting and i'll keep on enjoying,....and learning.
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  30. haha thanks man...Ill try to get the next one out by monday
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