Pocket Fives Community,

A little while ago I was interested in making an excel that would help me to better understand all the odds playing poker. Im no math whiz, but I do have a pretty good comprehension of odds and an understanding that they are the key to winning long run poker. Anyway, I created an Excel sheet that is pretty simple. All you have to do is enter the word "yes" next to whatever drawing hand you have and also enter the pot amount and the amount you have to call. Using the odds table I put into the same sheet it will actually tell you to fold or call based on the odds of hitting your hand.

I found myself not using it at all as I have since memorized what is going on (and learned that I prefer to play by about 20% feel instead of 100% math), but I thought some of you may be interested in it. If so drop me an email at Mark_Allenbach@yahoo.com or an IM at GUCommando and I can send it on.

Just wanted to share and Im not good enough to give advice,

Mark Allenbach