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    So a few days ago I made a deposit on FTP for an even $600.00 USD and I just now checked my bank account it says you charged me $604.80??? Am I just not aware of extra charges for depositing on your site? I used a VISA card.

    Look forward to hearing back from you guys.



    Hello PhiAlphaMTSU,

    Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.

    We're sorry that you incurred an International Service Assessment (ISA) fee for your credit card deposit to Full Tilt Poker.

    In April of 2008, Visa and MasterCard announced that they will be charging customers an ISA fee for some transactions on the Internet that cross an international boundary. As a result, when a deposit from your credit card to your Full Tilt Poker account crosses an international boundary, an ISA fee may be applied by your credit card issuer.

    Please send us a copy of the credit card statement on which the ISA fee appears and we will reimburse the charge to your Full Tilt Poker account. If you incurred more than one ISA fee, please send us a copy of the credit card statement on which the highest ISA fee appears.

    We prefer that you email us a scanned copy of your statement as this produces a clearer image. However, you may alternatively fax your statement toll-free in North America to 1-877-TILT-FAX (1-877-845-8329), or international long distance by dialing your country calling code followed by our fax number. For example, from Europe, dial: 00+1+877-845-8329.

    Please include your Full Tilt Poker Player ID, the reason for sending your statement, and your real name on your fax to expedite processing.

    Please understand that because this charge was applied by the bank or financial institution that issued your credit card, and not by Full Tilt Poker, this reimbursement will be a one-time courtesy.

    To avoid future ISA fees, we recommend creating a payment processor account. You can view your payment processing options at: http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/deposit.php

    If you run into any problems creating a payment processor account or making a deposit, Tilt Pay Support provides deposit assistance on behalf of Full Tilt Poker. You may speak with a representative by calling toll-free in North America to 1-888-TILT-PAY (1-888-845-8729) or international long distance by dialing your country's International Direct Dialing prefix (IDD), followed by Tilt Pay's telephone number. For example, from the U.K., dial: 00-1-888-845-8729.

    Please be advised that Tilt Pay Support can only assist with deposit issues and is unable to answer general support questions, deposit limit increase requests, or Cash Transfer inquiries.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


    Full Tilt Poker Support

    Has anyone else experienced this? Never heard of this shit before.

    Obv brag post about depositing $600 on FTP.
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  2. the e-checks on stars charges me 15 for international fees and my debit cardon ny other site is the same 15 bux shitty
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  3. I really don't mind them passing off some of the costs related to the UIGEA if it means they will stick around longer. I think there is a real danger of them closing to Americans if this shit continues.
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