1. following in the tradition of this thread (which had lots of pretty good predictions including gags, doubledave, subiime, fatsofat, bboy, czar etc)...

    who you got in 2011?

    rather than predict people are going to blow up in HSMTTs, im going to go with people i actually know who are pretty solid up and coming midstakes guys:

    fenwayking (aka shane gamble)

    both will have their first five figure scores before march and will be much more well known by the end of the year

    wuggles p5s?
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  2. I'm pretty sure Garp9a is set to have a huge year, after a decent part-time 2010. But even if he fails, at least he's really really really good-looking.
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  3. cmoney3 on ftp will have a 6 figure score in 2011. not including decimal places.
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  4. sirswish6

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  5. cosign fenway king
    golden nad
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  6. <<<<<<---------------This guy once they turn off that damn doom switch
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  7. SharkInTheWater
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  8. rh300487 will spew less and win more.
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  9. watch out for me................just saying
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  10. pokerjamers
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    Originally Posted by iPlayTourneys View Post

    rh300487 will spew less and win more.

    He (by he I mean you) made a sick 6 bet shove with 95 for 350k into KK and flopped 2 pairs in the MFTOPS main. I mean it was suited and the rail went nutz.
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  12. In, before gettin ranked
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    Originally Posted by iPlayTourneys View Post

    rh300487 will spew less and win more.

    this (obv fan post)
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  14. I predict a big year for kingp1n, aka "88k"

    Also, my buddy Jimboski30 is going to finally have a breakthrough year, in both cash games and MTTs. He has FT'd the Sunday Mil, and the Sunday DNG 300k, but has yet to bink a win in a big tourney.
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  15. yea pretty sure fenwayking is the only correct answer itt
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  16. like 5 or 6 players on the MD poker circuit.

    in no particular order:

    hanover hero (p5's) biggwilly52 (stars) aka wbowers (ftp) aka the 7 footer will bowers (irl)
    sickallkris aka yo boy chris aka YBC
    slowhand910 aka eric liscia
    wright25 aka aaron wright

    aNNNNND me

    most of these cats have already had big scores either online or live, some of them 5 figgys. we're bout to go all chad batista on ya'll.

    pz lil
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  17. thasquirrel even if he s a nit in BM ;)
    decamps obv...
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    Originally Posted by decamps View Post


    def a player with great potential!
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  19. zoonie824 imo
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  20. ryan watt sinn
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  21. b-scrubs101 on stars, kid is gonna own 2011!
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  22. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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  23. tamayo85
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  24. mid stakes players to breakout: Super Plaaayer and Black Berry Jam

    edit: and mattvegaspwn/Elsarelli
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    Originally Posted by BIRDDOG0710 View Post

    ryan watt sinn

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    Originally Posted by BIRDDOG0710 View Post

    ryan watt sinn


    In all seriousness though, I predict rock3656 crushes 2011 harder than ever.
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  27. MarkFSU1 has a huge year
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  28. Dam 1 year already pass fk me!!!
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  29. Shipthisplz, Zekenasty/Melano, Dmitch/I8urbr
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  30. agree w/ thasquirrelll, maybe the golden adam if he becomes oi school
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